How we spent our Valentine’s Day! ❤️

Hi all!

First off, Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️

This is one of the first Valentine’s Day that we have actually done something! I mean that in a way as, we never took it seriously. Yes, we would eat chocolate together and all of that good stuff, but we never took the time to actually celebrate and do something special. We thought since we’re married, we might as well celebrate and make it fun! I had to work yesterday, but when I came home I set everything up for this little surprise I was planning. It wasn’t anything really over the top, I just wanted to spend it at home with my husband, relaxing.

I had a vision in my mind, but I needed the supplies! A couple days ago when we went to Trader Joe’s, I grabbed some blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, cupcakes, and macaroons. Originally, I wanted to just melt some chocolate in a bowl and have us dip the strawberries in there. But as I was cutting up the strawberries, I changed my mind. I thought all of the fruit was sweet enough and we had the macaroons, plus the cupcakes! I had a bottle of Sparkling Moscato so I set that up with two wine glasses on this tray. This whole thing was set up on the floor in the living room. I found these LED candles that I bought a while ago and knew exactly where I wanted to place them. I started putting them on the table under the TV and lit a really good smelling candle. I also added my tulips in the middle. It looked so pretty! I had these lanterns filled with lights so I put that out too on the floor next to the table. Next, I put a red blanket on the floor with some pillows and started setting up the food.

Once that was all done, I turned all the candles on and found a Spotify playlist, it was literally called “Valentine’s Day Tunes” or something like that. But it was perfect. I told Mirhad he can’t look until I’m done. So finally, it looked perfect. I started playing the romantic music and I called him out and made him close his eyes until he was standing in front of it all. He LOVED it! He just kept saying how it looks so nice and how this is so sweet! We sat down and started eating (of course) and just enjoyed each others company. 

After we were finished eating, we started watching the Ted Bundy series which was super good (he’s so messed up) and we finished within a day! I recommend if you haven’t watched it already. Now I think all we will be doing this weekend is watching crime shows 😂

So yeah, that was our Valentine’s Day! Very chill and relaxing. I have some pictures of the thing I set up, with a video! 🙂



St. Judes Valentine’s Day Cards! ❤️

Hey guys! ❤️

Just wanted to make a quick post about something awesome I just stumbled upon! St. Judes has this website where you can send a virtual Valentine’s Day card to a St. Jude patient! I thought this was so sweet and wanted to share with you all in case you wanted to do the same.

It’s really simple, you choose what kind of card you want to send, there are 7 different cards to choose from. After that, you can write your own personal message or choose a pre-written message. After you have created your card, you just enter your first and last name and your email. This is such a sweet gesture and I’m sure it will make the kids smile!

You can send your virtual Valentine’s Day card here! ❤️


Hello February! 💘

Hi everyone!

A little late on the February post, but it’s a new month! In the past, my husband and I never really took Valentine’s Day seriously because we were in high school and college. Now that we’re married, we’re going to celebrate it as best as we can! But aside from Valentine’s Day, new month = new goals. Of course I have my other goals in general, but I like to do specific goals for the month. For example, I want to create a consistent routine for the gym. Our gym is finally completed so I can start working out whenever. Sounds easy, right? Nope! It’s very hard to get yourself in that routine of working out when you haven’t worked out in probably over 6 months. So I need to make a plan, a schedule to keep me motivated and going to the gym.

At this point, I am just trying to be healthy. I’m not getting any younger and neither is my body so I need to take care of it. I wish I had this mentality when I was in college, but who did?! One step at a time, though. It isn’t hard and I can do this! On the plus side, I bought something that I think it’s going to motivate me for the gym – some really good pre-workout that apparently tastes like Mountain Dew and it’s going to be delivered today! Maybe I’ll do a review of it?! Okay, enough of that!

Mirhad and I made a very serious decision last week that we won’t be telling anyone about until it’s time to do it, but it will be in 2020. Big changes coming!!!! We have decided to do this for ourselves because this is what we’ve wanted to do for so long and we are super excited for it! And no, it’s not that we have not decided to have kids! I cannot wait until I can officially make a post about it, it will change everything ☺️

In the meantime, we have lots of work to do until 2020. I am hoping to really take my blog to the next level this year, but I’m not sure where to start. Does anyone have any helpful tips? I would greatly appreciate them!

And one of the last goals I will mention is that I want to spend less time on my phone. I feel like in the last 6 months I’ve noticed (and so has my husband) that I have a slight addiction to my phone. The problem is that I really do spend way too much time browsing social media. It’s okay if it has something to do with my blog, but most of the time it doesn’t. So that’s one of my other goals, to spend less time on my phone and more time talking to my husband, family, and friends.

Do you have any goals for this month? Let me know! 🙂

Wednesday Feb. 14, 2018


Happy Wednesday & Happy Valentine’s Day! 

I went to class this morning to take my micro exam and the power at our school went out due to some fire.. it was weird, but they decided to cancel all classes at 11, too bad ours started at 10 so we had to go hahaha. Glad we did tho because now we got the test over with so now I’m free from studying for a while yayyyy. Finally! Now I can focus on some other stuff I have been trying to do.

Right now, I’m at Sanela’s house chilling here, drinking tea while we’re both working. I came over like a little over an hour ago and first thing that happens is, I fall down the stairs. Yup, straight down the stairs hahaha. I guess I need to fall down the stairs once a year or I wouldn’t be me 💁🏽 I’m going to catch up on the self love challenge I didn’t do 😦 and then I am going to work on my marketing stuff. Tomorrow I will do my investments assignments and I will be done for the week!!! 

Going to continue to work on my project and do something for Mirhad! 🙂 

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. See ya!!!! ❤ 

Week of Feb. 12 – To-do list

Let’s see what I have to do this week!!!

  • Micro study guide
  • Study for micro exam
  • Micro homework
  • Financial Mgt quiz
  • Investment quizzes
  • Investment Week 6 Stocktrak Assignment
  • CSIS homework
  • CSIS quiz
  • CSIS discussions + replies
  • Marketing discussions (3)
  • Marketing Assignment 
  • Marketing replies
  • Make VDAY card
  • Work on favorite moments of 2017 video
  • Work on house
  • Check out places for SB 2018
  • Find a good camera to buy
  • Open up a Home Depot credit card
  • Start Keto next week – prep for it
  • Write a “How to stay organized” blog post
  • Go with Mirhad to buy a new phone
  • Finish all homework by Friday this week 

Monday Feb. 12, 2018


Happy Monday! Went to class this morning and had a review for our test on Wednesday.. dude gave us a whole packet to study from 😐 Went to get my emissions test for my car bc it expires in a couple of days so I can register it again and now I’m at home making shrimp pasta. Going to do some homework from my online classes today and probably study a little bit. 

Also need to post my to-do list for this week!!!!! Ordered my valentine’s day gift for Mirhad, can’t wait till he gets it and texts me about it 😂

Oh yeah, this morning I was getting ready for class and about to pick up Mirhad so we can go to school so I texted him that I’ll be there by 9:20 and I get no reply when usually he’s up way earlier. 10 mins later I’m about to leave and I text him again and still no reply. So I decided to just go to class because I didn’t want to be late and then I’d come back and drive him to school. Turns out the diffuser I got for him was next to his bed on this little organizer thing (he needed a little night stand) and he knocked it over I guess over night and this dudes whole phone was soaked in water. So his alarm never went off obviously, but his phone is completely ruined hahahaa, like how random?? So now after he gets out of class today, we’re going to go buy him a new phone.. I guess this was meant to be because he needed a new phone anyways, it’s been overdue hahaha. So that is some shit that went down this morning, did get a good laugh out of it tho. 😂

Speaking of laughing, this morning in micro, our teacher was drawing some graph that he was emphasizing wasn’t ever possible to do (which is what me and Adisa had on our homework lol) so we’re watching him draw it and he’s like “so if quantity is 10, how can there be another quantity??? What would quantity even be?” And I whisper to Adisa, “it can be my guzica.” And we start laughing, and she whispers back to me, “it can be sise”, literally we started laughing so hard our teacher looked at us, but we couldn’t stop. And what was even funnier is that the graph looked like that too hahaha. I thought I would have to leave class bc I couldn’t contain my laughter😂😂😂

Weather should be nicer this week (YAY), so maybe I can spend some time outside?? I’m so excited, it’s been too cold these past couple of weeks, come on Spring, I’m ready for ya!!!

But yeah that’s pretty much my day, till next time!