Busy week – recap! ✨

Hello hello hello!

First of all, Happy Friday!!! We made it through the week!

It’s been a long time since I have been able to sit down and blog. Honestly, I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve even been able to sit down and BREATHE! It’s been such a busy week, I had a two-day training at work Tuesday and Wednesday and yesterday I had a presentation I had to do which was sooooo stressful for me. So I’ve been at work past 5 everyday and it’s been so tiring. I finally get to work from home today and next week will be much more calm where I can go back to my regular hours.

To be honest, I feel so drained that I don’t even know what to do with my life right now. The only thing I’ve been consistently doing is working out and eating right which is a huge plus and is most likely the reason I was able to get through this week!

I want to talk about how working out has affected my mood! I feel much more energized and my sleep is a lot better. I have been taking melatonin at night this week to make sure I am able to fall asleep because I had to get up so early for work, but working out has also tired me out which is a good thing! Working out has also let me clear my mind of my stresses. It felt so good to exercise  after my training days this week because I was stuck in a room all day from 8-5pm and it was mentally draining. As soon as I got to the gym, it’s like everything was out of my head and I felt more relaxed and clear-minded. The weather is still crap here, but I still have the motivation to walk out to my garage and workout even if it’s super cold during the walk! So I have to say exercising and being consistent with it is one of the best choices I’ve made this month!

Let’s get into the topic of public speaking. I absolutely HATE it!! It makes me so stressed out and I’m literally a mess until it’s over with. I’ve hated it ever since college and it’s never gotten easier for me. In yesterday’s presentation, I didn’t even have to stand up, but I was shaking so bad and probably stuttering. I just hate being the center of attention and I hope I don’t have to do another presentation for a really, really long time. Does anyone have any good tips on getting past this? It seems like whatever I do, I’m still as nervous as always.

I’m getting back into blogging after this busy week, so today I’m sitting down and writing a list of the future topics I’ll be talking about. I would love to hear what everyone’s favorite thing I blog about is! I know I’m all over the place, it’s hard for me to choose just one group of topics. I love talking about everything! Let me know in the comments 🙂

This weekend I am taking a lot of time to RELAX after this long, stressful week! I think I’ll do a bath bomb and a face mask with my husband. That always helps me relax and clear my mind. Tonight, my bff’s and I are having a girls night which is going to be lots of fun! We haven’t had one in a while, well I guess our Galentine’s counts, but we went out for pizza. It’ll be fun and a much needed girl time! Saturday, my husband and I will probably go to this game night at his friends house and Sunday will be stay at home and do nothing day (as usual) because Sundayz are for chilling and doing absolutely NOTHING 🙂

There’s my very long update and I need a vacay :b talk to you soon!

Hello MONDAY! ☀️

Happy Monday!

I didn’t get much sleep last night and it really took a toll on my day/mood. So I drank some coffee and it helped a little bit, but I think I need some food in my system to give me real energy! I’m currently eating an apple and working on some user stories for work. Tonight I think we’ll both go to bed earlier because Mirhad got even less sleep than I did because he was studying all night -_-

On the other hand, 8 more days!!!!! I am starting to wrap stuff up for work so everything is good to go for next week. And I am slowly starting to put a list together for what I need to bring – this will take a while. I have the essentials of course, but since we’ve never done a trip like this, I don’t want to forget anything. I need to buy other things like a small bottle of dry shampoo because I know I can’t take that big one lol. 

What else? Yesterday we deep cleaned the whole house except for one room (the storage room) so we’re tackling that this weekend. Hoping to put everything where it belongs and have it ready to be a guest bedroom. There is SO MUCH random stuff in there, maybe we can throw a bunch of it away. A lot of it is Mirhad’s clothes, maybe his winter clothes? Not sure, but we’ll do something with it. That room will be the hardest to deal with, but it needs to get done. Otherwise, everything else is so sparkly clean 😀 we even moved our bed around in our room and it changed everything. I went an got the night stands we’ve wanted and they’re so useful already. 

Haven’t been able to blog all weekend. I started a post on Friday, but the weekend flew by and by the time I knew it – I didn’t even write one post 😦 New goal is to post once everyday, that way I can write my thoughts down too. 

But yeah, that’s pretty much it. Going to go work on some stuff and then plan 🙂 



Tuesday overview!

Good morning!

Happy Tuesday! It’s very hot and humid outside already and it’s almost 10am. Really want to go take a walk later today with Mirhad (if it’s not scorching hot outside) to just get some sun and some exercise. Working from home today, was going to go into work, but I just felt like working from home. Yesterday was one of the worst days at work, can’t really say on here, but I am doing something about it. Not going to sit around anymore and let people treat me the way I shouldn’t be treated. 

Anyways, have some stuff I need to get done today like booking our flights! Probably should’ve booked it a couple of days ago since now we’re like what 28 days away from the trip? So exciting! Lol I am excited even though we didn’t even officially book anything hahahaha. Today I also need to find an Airbnb for the 2 other places. Might make a post about that today if possible. 

I also want to sit down with Mirhad and see if we can get started on making the other blog website I want to create. He was in school yesterday so he’s so tired lol I’m not even going to try to wake him up today 😂 poor guy hahaha. If he can get through this last semester, he can do anything. 

Also planning on making another post today, it’ll be about something specific 🙂

That’s all for now, see ya! 🙂

It’s about that time… Sunday!

Hi there!

I wish I could say lazy Sunday today, but it won’t be lazy at all 😦 so Mirhad didn’t sleep ALL night, I woke up at 4am and noticed his ass was in the office working so I told him to go to sleep right now and I’m not sure when he went but he claimed he slept for like 3 hours. Knowing him, he will probably be tired ALL DAY which will be annoying, but I told him he better not say once that he’s tired lol.

Today at 1, we’re going to my moms cousins house to visit them for the first time since we got married. In the Bosnian tradition, you have to visit all family when you get married and invite them back over (if you want) so now we have to spend months doing that. Last night one of Mirhad’s older cousins came over and honestly I thought it would be kind of awkward because they’re older and I didn’t know if there would be any good conversation, but we actually had a lot of fun. The lady was like, “I’m having so much fun, trust me if I was bored I would’ve drank my coffee and said thanks goodbye!” She’s so funny, so they ended up staying longer than we/they thought they would, but it was fun for sure. They are very talkative, open, and lively so that helped. We ended up taking a picture together, they insisted. Here’s the pic below:


Yesterday we also had a nice BBQ at my best friend Sanela’s house. It was delish and we ended up drinking coffee the Bosnian way, it was actually fun 🙂 Here’s a picture of the cute little coffee cup set we used. 


So cute! I need to get myself a set like this, her mom is in Bosnia so I asked her if she finds any cute ones to bring me some back 🙂

What else? I have work tomorrow, but it’s supposed to rain the rest of the week after Monday so I may end up working from home for the rest of the week. I hate driving in the rain because there’s always an accident and people drive crazy even if it’s raining so it’s pretty dangerous and I’d rather not be stuck in traffic for an hour. Hopefully I can just do that this week! 

I might go shopping later, if I can drag Mirhad to come with me. I still need a work planner, it’s so hard finding one that fits all of my needs, but hopefully I find something today before work this week. 

Bye 🙂

Saturday 🌸

Good morning!

Last time I blogged, we were getting Thor in just 5 days. Well, he’s here now!!! We got him Monday so it’s been 6 days and to be honest, it’s been a busy 6 days. I also started work on Monday so on top of Thor coming home, I’ve been SO TIRED. Every time my alarm goes off at 6 AM for work, he’s up wanting to go outside to use the bathroom. He came home to us partially potty trained, so we just had to show him where to go to the bathroom and he’s had a few accidents, but he’s still learning. Now when he wants to go to the bathroom, he usually goes to the door or whines for a bit. But he really does have a routine of going to the bathroom before going to bed and at 6 AM, it’s adorable.. he’s such a smart puppy. 

I could probably write a book about all of the cute little things he does, but I’ll just write a few right now. He slept in our bed for 2 nights because we just wanted some sleep because he whined all night. Recently, we found a brown recluse in the house, so Mirhad has been clearing out the house and doing all kinds stuff to get rid of them and have them stay out. So we let him sleep on our bed and it was the cutest thing, he turns to a new position like every 20 or so minutes and at one point he ended up by my feet and right in between our pillows trying to take over them. So cute! Last night, we got him to sleep in his bed surrounded by the crate and I don’t know how this happened, but we woke and he was above Mirhad’s head sleeping on his pillow. We laughed so hard and put him back in his bed.. he’s such a little sneakster. He seriously melts my heart. 

First week of work was good, Adisa and I had lunch together everyday, we just switch which building! I didn’t get any real work this week, but I was able to get training, cleaning/decorating my cube, and other first week check-list stuff done. I’m very excited to start working on the real stuff, my co-worker who was my mentor last summer is out of the country for 3 weeks so when she’s back she’s handing over some roles to me, YAY!

Glad it’s the weekend though, it’s been a tiring week. I wanted to sleep in this morning, but Thor did not want to sleep so he whined for a while. He did knock out for about 2 hours, but then woke up around 8 wanting to go pee and eat. Did all of that and he played with some of his toys and now he’s napping. I found out that puppies at around 8 weeks nap between 18-22 hours a day.. crazy because he’s ALWAYS napping unless people are over to see him. But seriously, it’s only been 6 days and Mirhad and I are in love with him, he’s such a perfect fit with our little family 🙂 

Today Mirhad will be working on the house, but I think we might go grocery shopping first and later I might go buy some stuff for my cubicle to decorate it. I already put pictures up and printed some more I have to pick up today. It’s mostly pictures of Thor, here are some btw.. 🙂



Love him!!!! 😍😍😍

Started watching this show called Dynasty, it’s pretty good, I am watching it currently while drinking coffee which I haven’t had since I started working because my mornings are so busy and I forget, but I’ve missed it! I’m about to make some breakfast.. probably eggs with avocados.. my fave 😋

Until next time.. bye! 🙂 

Wednesday March 28, 2018 🌿

Hi there!

It’s been a long day, so I wasn’t able to wake up and blog this morning or even after class. So, recap… woke up super early to go to school before the exam to study with Adisa. Glad we went because that helped a lot! Took the test and then we just chilled for a little bit before she went to work and I went home. Test was only 4 questions and didn’t even have the hard math problem on it that everyone thought it would have, so I’m happy about that. I think I did good, hoping for anything above a 75 at this point lol.

After I came home, I went to return some laminate that was left over from the house with my mom and then headed back to the house to clean the garage. Went home after that and then to Mirhad’s. Chilled there for a little bit and went to Sanela’s. Mirhad, Emma, Sanela, and me went to swim a little bit and chill in the jacuzzi. It was so relaxing and I needed that! Went home, washed my hair, and now I’m sitting here writing.

Tomorrow I have soo much to do before I leave! At 10:30, I have to go finalize stuff for the place for my bridal shower, then go to class, then go to Sanela’s so she can explain something to Adisa for her interview, and then we want to go swimming again. In between all of that, I need to pack for Chicago, wash the clothes I want to bring, and make sure I did everything I wanted to. Good thing we leave noon Friday so then I can just wash my hair in the morning and spend the rest of the night packing tomorrow and doing whatever else I need to. I’m getting tired just reading this, so I think I’m going to go to bed pretty soon.

I want to blog over the weekend, but I might not bring my computer so we’ll see how it plays out. I really just want this weekend to clear my mind and I want it to be a really chill, laid back time. So hopefully that’s what happens!

Good night!! 🙂

Tuesday March 13, 2018

Good morning!!

I got no sleep last night, I fell asleep at 5:30 am and I am so tired right now. I tried to wake up at 8:30 and had to snooze for another hour. I don’t know what happened, but I just couldn’t fall asleep and my back hurt. And then my nose started randomly bleeding so it was a weird night. I heard someone get up to go to the bathroom at like 4 and I knew it was my mom so I went down there and she put a heating pad thing for aches on my back 😂😂

So today around 12ish I am going to go finish painting the house, hopefully. Wish I was done with it so we can go buy laminate and kitchen cabinets, but hopefully tomorrow 🙂

I’m watching This is Us and it’s pretty good so far, it has an interesting plot. I’ve been seeing it everywhere so I thought I would give it a try!

Last night when I couldn’t sleep, I looked through old facebook messages between me and Sanela and it was sooooo cringey, but funny. It was so weird to see how we use to talk and type 😂 Such funny memories I never would have remembered if I didn’t see those messages and that was 8 YEARS AGO. Time flies man!!! 2010…. feels like it was 3-4 years ago, but literally 8 years wow.

Hmm, what else? Nothing, I guess?? Bye!