How we spent our Valentine’s Day! ❤️

Hi all!

First off, Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️

This is one of the first Valentine’s Day that we have actually done something! I mean that in a way as, we never took it seriously. Yes, we would eat chocolate together and all of that good stuff, but we never took the time to actually celebrate and do something special. We thought since we’re married, we might as well celebrate and make it fun! I had to work yesterday, but when I came home I set everything up for this little surprise I was planning. It wasn’t anything really over the top, I just wanted to spend it at home with my husband, relaxing.

I had a vision in my mind, but I needed the supplies! A couple days ago when we went to Trader Joe’s, I grabbed some blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, cupcakes, and macaroons. Originally, I wanted to just melt some chocolate in a bowl and have us dip the strawberries in there. But as I was cutting up the strawberries, I changed my mind. I thought all of the fruit was sweet enough and we had the macaroons, plus the cupcakes! I had a bottle of Sparkling Moscato so I set that up with two wine glasses on this tray. This whole thing was set up on the floor in the living room. I found these LED candles that I bought a while ago and knew exactly where I wanted to place them. I started putting them on the table under the TV and lit a really good smelling candle. I also added my tulips in the middle. It looked so pretty! I had these lanterns filled with lights so I put that out too on the floor next to the table. Next, I put a red blanket on the floor with some pillows and started setting up the food.

Once that was all done, I turned all the candles on and found a Spotify playlist, it was literally called “Valentine’s Day Tunes” or something like that. But it was perfect. I told Mirhad he can’t look until I’m done. So finally, it looked perfect. I started playing the romantic music and I called him out and made him close his eyes until he was standing in front of it all. He LOVED it! He just kept saying how it looks so nice and how this is so sweet! We sat down and started eating (of course) and just enjoyed each others company. 

After we were finished eating, we started watching the Ted Bundy series which was super good (he’s so messed up) and we finished within a day! I recommend if you haven’t watched it already. Now I think all we will be doing this weekend is watching crime shows 😂

So yeah, that was our Valentine’s Day! Very chill and relaxing. I have some pictures of the thing I set up, with a video! 🙂



Surprise Weekend Trip to Chicago! 🏙

Hi all!

Thursday night we were just chilling watching New Girl (the usual) when I get an email on my phone from Mirhad. I was super confused and I see at the top it says, “Get ready for your trip coming up on…” and it cut off. So I open up the email and he booked a night for us to go to Chicago on Saturday!!! I was surprised and he had the biggest smile on his face after I opened it. I worked on Friday and we packed Saturday morning before we left, it was super quick since we only needed like one outfit and our PJ’s. We got there around 12pm and started exploring right away. He said he wanted to take me to Chicago to look at Christmas lights and go ice-skating (which I’ve been saying I wanted to do all Winter long) so it was so sweet of him to surprise me like that! We didn’t get to go ice-skating because the line was 2+ hours long, so we said another time. We still had fun though and I got to cross something off of my winter bucket list!

I have some awesome pictures I took, but also some cute pictures he took of me 🙂

Overall, Chicago was cold, but not as cold as I expected it to be. Like you could still go outside as long as you’re bundled up, kind of like STL too. Pics below!


Lazy Sunday.. not really

Hi there!

Happy Sunday! Really wish I had one more day off to relax this weekend, I am not ready for this week of work!!! I can’t imagine how hard it will be for me to wake up tomorrow morning 😂 but on the bright side, it’s almost my birthday and in 4 days we will be going to Dallas woohoo!!!!!! 😀

Today I woke up around 9 and made some pancakes while Mirhad went to Lowe’s and got something for our pantry. Our pantry is too deep inside the wall so it gets cluttered so easily and we finally found a great solution that he’s going to fix today. I deep cleaned the whole house and it feels so nice. I took a shower afterwards and then was able to finally watch the latest episode of Younger and OH MY GOSH THIS EPISODE WAS SERIOUSLY THE BEST BECAUSE FINALLY THAT’S ALL I AM GOING TO SAY. I can’t wait for Tuesday!!!!!!!!! It’s gonna be GOOD. But yeah, I am just chilling out now waiting for Mirhad to start fixing the pantry 🙂

I think he is going to take me to get my birthday present tonight so I am excited (I obvi know what it is so I am even more excited) but even though I know what it is, I am still going to be surprised 😂

Will bring my computer to Dallas so I can wake up and blog, so more posts coming soon!

That’s all for now, see ya! 🙂 

December 30, 2017

7:22 PM


Last night something amazing happened… the BEST moment of my life… I GOT ENGAGED!!!!!!! It was the best surprise ever and I didn’t expect it at all. Here are some pictures!!!! 

So this is how it went down.. Mirhad came over at like 5:50 PM and he said he wants to stay at my house for a little bit before we leave to go somewhere. So he showed me all of the stuff he took from my room when I wasn’t paying attention.. took some of my photos from the scrapbook I made and from my photo album. I laughed because of course I wouldn’t notice since I only add pics in when I have printed them but I haven’t done that in a while! (little did I know that he had a huge proposal planned but due to some mistakes that were not his fault, he had to take everything down 😦 but the real proposal was AMAZING<3)

So anyways finally he’s like let’s go! I’m putting my shoes on and I turn on the outside light and I see some red light and I’m like ??? but I just assumed that was from that holiday decoration we have on the front door. So I thought nothing else of this. We open the door and I see some lights and a big heart in the front and I’m like omg what is this.. and he says “it’s the first surprise of the night” and I go out and I’m amazed at how pretty it is ❤ He tells me to step inside of the heart so I do and he gives me a kiss, but I hear something and I look over and I see Irhad standing with a camera??? I’m like omg he scared me, Mirhad was like “it’s just Irhad look over at me”. And then he realizes he forgot to get the polaroid camera from my room!!!! So he’s like wait let me go get it real quick so he’s leaving, but then he stops and he’s like wait let me do this first – and he goes to the window and brings out a little box and gets down on one knee….. and he tells me he loves me so much and that I make him so happy. He then asks me to marry him and I say of course bebo!!!! I’m literally about to bawl so I just hug him so hard and we’re there just hugging. Then he’s like omg the ring!!!! So he puts the ring on my finger and I literally couldn’t stop hugging and kissing him. The ring is BEAUTIFUL ❤ it’s the one I wanted and I am in love with it, but I am more in love with my new fiance ❤ ❤ ❤

After that he went to get the polaroid and Irhad took a picture of us and then he had us reenact it so he could get some more pictures. Literally can’t thank him enough for capturing that special moment for us.

I couldn’t be happier!! We are finally engaged and I am so happy I get to spend the rest of my life with the love of my life! ❤ I love you, Mirhad. You make me the happiest girl in the world.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 11/29/17 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤