How we spent our Valentine’s Day! ❤️

Hi all!

First off, Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️

This is one of the first Valentine’s Day that we have actually done something! I mean that in a way as, we never took it seriously. Yes, we would eat chocolate together and all of that good stuff, but we never took the time to actually celebrate and do something special. We thought since we’re married, we might as well celebrate and make it fun! I had to work yesterday, but when I came home I set everything up for this little surprise I was planning. It wasn’t anything really over the top, I just wanted to spend it at home with my husband, relaxing.

I had a vision in my mind, but I needed the supplies! A couple days ago when we went to Trader Joe’s, I grabbed some blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, cupcakes, and macaroons. Originally, I wanted to just melt some chocolate in a bowl and have us dip the strawberries in there. But as I was cutting up the strawberries, I changed my mind. I thought all of the fruit was sweet enough and we had the macaroons, plus the cupcakes! I had a bottle of Sparkling Moscato so I set that up with two wine glasses on this tray. This whole thing was set up on the floor in the living room. I found these LED candles that I bought a while ago and knew exactly where I wanted to place them. I started putting them on the table under the TV and lit a really good smelling candle. I also added my tulips in the middle. It looked so pretty! I had these lanterns filled with lights so I put that out too on the floor next to the table. Next, I put a red blanket on the floor with some pillows and started setting up the food.

Once that was all done, I turned all the candles on and found a Spotify playlist, it was literally called “Valentine’s Day Tunes” or something like that. But it was perfect. I told Mirhad he can’t look until I’m done. So finally, it looked perfect. I started playing the romantic music and I called him out and made him close his eyes until he was standing in front of it all. He LOVED it! He just kept saying how it looks so nice and how this is so sweet! We sat down and started eating (of course) and just enjoyed each others company. 

After we were finished eating, we started watching the Ted Bundy series which was super good (he’s so messed up) and we finished within a day! I recommend if you haven’t watched it already. Now I think all we will be doing this weekend is watching crime shows 😂

So yeah, that was our Valentine’s Day! Very chill and relaxing. I have some pictures of the thing I set up, with a video! 🙂



Tips for happier flying and a more enjoyable flight! ✈️

We all get excited to go on a vacation and if we get to fly out somewhere we know that eventually it gets boring on the plane. On my last trip, we had a four hour plane ride and I was losing my mind half way through it. I wish I had a list of things that would’ve improved that flight and made it more enjoyable which is why I am making a list of tips for future reference and for anyone else out there that gets bored on flights 🙂

  • Download games on your phone/iPad
  • Listen to some nice, relaxing music – since you usually don’t have Wifi on a plane unless you pay for it, I download a playlist on Spotify to use offline
  • Have a comfy pillow or blanket with you
  • Bring a coloring book or download a similar app on your phone
  • Bring your favorite snacks if you don’t like what they serve on the flight
  • Meditate – I have an app called Headspace that is great for this
  • Use essential oils to relax you
  • Make yourself comfortable
  • Bring a notebook and write down your thoughts, plans, goals, or lists
  • Read a good book
  • Plan out your week/trip if you haven’t already or a future trip
  • Buy a crossword puzzle book – I got a set of 3 game books that had Sudoku, word search, and a crossword
  • Clean up your phone – delete apps you don’t use, organize your pictures, clean out your contacts list, etc.,

So that’s my list, what do you do on a plane to make it more fun or relaxing? 🙂


Hello all!

Happy Friday and Happy 3-day weekend for most of us! This 3-day is so much needed so I am super excited to be done with work soon and to start it already! 🙂 Work has been stressful and it got even more stressful today, so I am trying my best to stay calm and collected lol. I really wish I could do blogging/videos for a job, life would be so much better. Writing and creating stuff just lifts my mood and makes me feel great. 

After work today, I have to go look for 2 dresses to wear to 2 events this weekend, a bridal shower and a wedding. I have another wedding to go to next weekend, think I might just wear a jumpsuit to that one (if it fits lol) so we have some shopping to do today.

I think tonight we’ll go out to a fancy dinner. We have been watching Master Chef since yesterday and have not been able to stop watching it, IT’S SO GOOD. Chef Gordan Ramsey is a BEASTTTTT. This show makes us so motivated to make good food so we’re excited to do this during keto and also after!

So Spotify just made this thing that if you have their premium or student account, you get Hulu AND Showtime for free included within the price of Spotify. Which is AWESOME because Hulu is great and we’ve never had Showtime and I know they have a bunch of great content. Binge watching here I come!!!! 🙂 Shoutout to Spotify!

I am going to make another post probably right after this, I didn’t make one when I said I would the other day and I was disappointed in myself. I really want to make a set schedule of when to blog and not just when I am working from home. Maybe every other day or something, it would just be at different hours. But for sure I got something for today 🙂

So my school is like taking away my free subscription for Adobe through them 😦 so I am going to have to find another alternative or see how much it is monthly or yearly because I really like their spark app. I wanted to learn photoshop and to also use their video editing app. We’ll see what happens, but I have until September 7th to keep using it!

Okay, that’s all! Talk to you soon!!! 🙂