St. Judes Valentine’s Day Cards! ❤️

Hey guys! ❤️

Just wanted to make a quick post about something awesome I just stumbled upon! St. Judes has this website where you can send a virtual Valentine’s Day card to a St. Jude patient! I thought this was so sweet and wanted to share with you all in case you wanted to do the same.

It’s really simple, you choose what kind of card you want to send, there are 7 different cards to choose from. After that, you can write your own personal message or choose a pre-written message. After you have created your card, you just enter your first and last name and your email. This is such a sweet gesture and I’m sure it will make the kids smile!

You can send your virtual Valentine’s Day card here! ❤️


DIY Fall Wreath

Hi all!

So I have done this 2 years in a row now where I make my own fall wreath. I get my supplies from the Dollar Store – this costs literally less than $10, everything is a dollar each. I always see really cute ones at Marshall’s and other stores, but I can’t justify spending $15-20 for one when I can easily make one in 30 minutes for under $10. 

The supplies:

Metal wreath and a bunch of leaves tied together:


From this point on, it’s fairly simple. I just wrapped it around the wreath and taped behind on the metal parts on the plastic pieces (not the leaves) and that way it just looked full of leaves and very colorful. I used hot glue last time, but this time I didn’t have any so tape worked just as well!

Here is the finished product. Took about 30ish minutes. 


Super pretty and super easy! Let me know if you try this.