Fun things to do in New Orleans!

Good morning!

Happy Monday! Over the weekend, I thought of the great idea of going to New Orleans. My husband and I agreed we would go on a lot of weekend trips, but haven’t been since the end of January and mid December. Before that, we hadn’t gone on a weekend trip since my birthday. It’s time to start doing those again because, why not? Life is too short to not be traveling! The main reason I chose New Orleans was because it’s much warmer down there than it is here. Right now, it’s 7 degrees and it feels like -11. I’m really sick of the bitter cold, so a weekend getaway to a warmer place would be nice. Plus, I feel like it’s going to take forever for it to be really warm here so we need to go! We’d most likely do Friday-Sunday so we can get the full experience and so that we don’t have to drive into the city at night. It’s just easier to take a day off of work and leave when we wake up that Friday morning. We are targeting end of March or anytime into April depending on the prices.Ā 

Since then, I’ve been looking at some things we could do. So far I’ve come up with taking pictures of the beautiful buildings and eating the delicious food.Ā 

  • Visit Jackson Square
  • Walk on Bourbon Street and enjoy some music
  • Look at the beautiful buildings in French Quarter
  • Visit the Garden District
  • Explore the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas
  • Visit the French Market
  • Go to the City Park
  • Walk down Royal Street
  • Visit some cemeteriesĀ 
  • Canal Street


  • Beignets
  • Fried Chicken and corn
  • Fried shrimp
  • Gumbo
  • Crab
  • Crawfish
  • Po-Boys

Has anyone else been to New Orleans? Any suggestions on where to stay or places to eat at? Let me know in the comments, thanks šŸ™‚

January 15, 2018

3:14 PM


It has been a pretty busy day! Washed all of my laundry, cleaned my room, organized my drawer where I keep my makeup, hair, and skin products, and washed my bed covers. Then I read this new book I got about beauty within, it’s about all of the foods that we consume and which ones are good for us on the inside and out. It’s good so far, already got me making healthy food lol. So after that, I did end up making a meal for me and Mirhad – quinoa, spinach, mushrooms, a vegetable mix (carrots, peas, and corn), and grilled shrimp. Combined all of these into one and it smells delicious!!! Hopefully it tastes good šŸ™‚


^^ the best smell is when you let garlic sizzle and then add spinach and mushrooms.. I poured heavy whipping cream over that after it cooked a little bit


And this is the finished product!!!


Waiting for Mirhad to come over so we can eat and go buy the planners we want. Tomorrow is the first day of classes… let’s get this last semester finally over with!! šŸ˜€

Feels nice to get a fresh start to the week before I officially start classes. Got everything clean and ready to go,Ā Mondays are for fresh starts šŸ˜‰

Going to try to blog again today if I find the time to, probably when I’m back in my room tonight! Deff need to write my goals for this week!

See ya!