A day in the Rocky Mountains! ⛰

On Saturday we spent a day in the Rockies and had a lot of fun. Here are some pictures we took. We went to Bear Lake of course and then we hiked down to this Glacier trail where there was a waterfall. It was a difficult hike, I felt like I couldn’t make it back up, but we did it hahaha. Love this park though, it is a true beauty.


Friday May 25, 2018 🌿


WE MADE IT TO COLORADO!!!! Currently, I am enjoying some coffee on a front porch with a view of the mountains!!! No matter how many times I see them, I can’t get over how beautiful they are. Seriously, this neighborhood we are staying in are GOALS!!!!! This is exactly how I picture my life when I move here.. waking up in the morning to go on a jog, walk, or bike ride on their neighborhood trail and then coming back to drink a shake or something hahaha. Man, as soon as I came here, my mood increased by 100000%. I know I have another week here, but I already don’t want to go home 😂 but seriously when I get back home, I’m going to work so hard to move here in a couple of years. 

Here are some pics from the ride there and then we we got here of the mountains and also another picture from this morning while drinking coffee. 



As you can see, those in the back of the car couldn’t hang hahahaah. But yeah, this is how it looks, it’s in the burbs, but I love it!

Going to go to the Rockies today when we can get the boys up so we’ll spend our whole day out there, cannot wait!! Going to try to hike this one trail it’s 2 miles long and the view should be amazing and then we’ll drive to the very top since we only made it halfway last time before chickening out hahaha. 

But yeah, that’s it for now, I’ll post more pics later today! Bye 🙂 

February 4, 2018 ✨

12:57 PM

Good morning!!!

Still morning for me because I am still kind of waking up. Cleaned my room and put my laundry to wash – I really need to stop pushing that off bc eventually I run out of clothes and then I’m stuck washing so much laundry in one day 😐 Anyways, I have a lot of stuff to do today (school wise) and I am freaking out. Even though I literally did so much homework last week so I wouldn’t have to this weekend, it somehow still piled up!!!! Week 8, where are ya???? About to update my planner so I know what’s going on this week, I know I have an exam and I think another one online so I got some note catching up to do. It’s pretty cold outside today so that means I’m not leaving my house which is a good excuse to stay in my room and do all of this stuff lol. 

Re-cap of this weekend:

  • Aleksandra Prijovic concert was not good, not because of her singing she actually sang well, but because of the atmosphere of concerts. I think this is my last concert I’m going to go to for a really long time. I have no desire to see anyone else live. I’m just sick of the same things happening every time a concert is held in the same place.. people pushing and shoving CONSTANTLY, drunk people everywhere spilling their drinks and throwing their beers on the floor to crack into tiny pieces (one in which I stepped on), and the fact that there is little kids basically drunk (teens). So annoying so I just refuse to deal with it anymore. I didn’t have fun at all and I wish I didn’t go, but whatever. Lesson learned!
  •  Think I need a mental vacation from everyone, maybe even a real one lol. Sometimes I really wish I could drive to Colorado by myself and just chill in the mountains alone, listening to the peace and quiet of nature, enjoying the views. But no, obviously I can’t do that because school and my parents would freak out. I’m going to figure out if I can go somewhere for Spring Break bc I’m going to need this soon.
  • School sucks. Yes, all my homework and assignments are mostly from my online class, BUT there is SO FREAKING MUCH OF IT. It is like a never-ending cycle. I finish something for one class and then I have the same work load for the next class, and then the next. And then my classes I actually go to in person, I literally have an assignment due every week and it’s shit I’m so confused about, like I kind of get it but it’s not 100% yet. Which is why today will be spent learning that.
  • Rosemary Essential Oil actually helps you concentrate and focus which is super crazy. I’m sitting here writing this and I’m going super hard. I look over and my diffuser is on, this is amazing. Thank God for things like this because sometimes ya need it!!
  • Caught up on Riverdale and was reminded of why I love this show so much. Even tho it’s cringy sometimes, it’s so good. Latest episode had me screaming bc of the ending…. no words. Can’t wait to see what the hell happened on Wednesday!!!! Also Bughead are back together, hell yeaaaaaaaa.
  • Went to IKEA yesterday with Sanela so she could buy a table for her basement, it looks amazing BTW and I ended up buying myself a little side table. Looks so cute and it’s very useful because now I have more room for stuff I put besides my bed. I use to use this storage box thingy which was very cute, but this is better. Pic below.


  • Also went to Marshal’s yesterday and got some clothes. Mainly sweats because I literally have none. The one I did have Emma took so I needed these. I also bought a shirt that is sleeveless but has a hood, it’s really cute. And I also bought a really pretty OPI nailpolish called Berry something I forgot the other part, but it’s so pretty. 
  • Oh yeah, almost forgot! On Friday I went to the outlet mall with Elma and Vildana bc Elma needed some tights for the concert and I’ve been wanting to go to Coach to buy a purse since they didn’t have anything good at Tj-Maxx or Marshal’s. I ended up getting a really good deal (always good deals at the outlet Coach store) and I got a purse with a wristlet and a little thing I can put my cards in if I didn’t want to carry a purse or something. The bundle was $159 and that’s amazing because the purse alone is $295. I think it’s very useful for traveling. It is like a berry color and to my surprise, it matches the nail-polish I got yesterday hahahaha. I’ve been wanting a new purse for a while anyways and Mirhad wanted to get me a present for New Years since he never did! Great for work too. 


Yeah that’s pretty much it. Need to go work now!

See ya!!!!!


Awesome things I’ve already done!

Thought I’d do something called the reverse bucket list where I list all of the cool things I’ve already done. Here we go!

  • Went to Chicago
  • Sears Tower in Chicago
  • 360 CHICAGO
  • The Bean in Chicago
  • Michigan Ave (Chicago)
  • Navy Pier (Chicago)
  • Swimming in Lake Michigan
  • Went to New York
  • 9/11 Memorial
  • Times Square – went shopping here also
  • Rockerfeller Center – went ice-skating here too
  • New Years in Times Square
  • Rode the subway in New York
  • Saw the Statue of Liberty from a distance (was too scared to take the boat there)
  • Went to California
  • Griffith Observatory
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • Malibu
  • Santa Monica Pier
  • Santa Barbara (took a train from LA and spent a day here)
  • Hollywood Sign
  • Florida – Clearwater, Miami, Daytona Beach, Panama City Beach
  • Colorado
  • Denver
  • Rocky Mountains National Park
  • Denver Zoo
  • Denver Botanical Gardens
  • Great Sand Dunes National Park
  • Lookout Mountain, Colorado
  • Kansas City, Kansas
  • Lake Tahoe, California
  • North & South Lake Tahoe
  • Yosemite National Park
  • Tulum, Mexico
  • Zip-lining in STL for my birthday
  • Bosnia
  • Brescia, Italy
  • Austria