Why I switched back to a Macbook Pro 💻

Good morning you guys! 

Happy Saturday!!! I’m so happy it’s the weekend! Do you guys have any fun weekend plans? I have a couple things to do, but will mostly stay at home because they are saying there is a huge snowstorm coming. In the meantime, I wanted to share why I switched back to a Macbook Pro! 

A couple months ago, I bought a Mac desktop computer and I LOVED it! It’s been something I’ve wanted for years and after I got my full time job, I figured why not just get it? So I did and I gave my old Macbook Pro to my little sister. I had that one since I started college, so it’s been a good 4 years since I bought it. It worked fine and everything, but I just really wanted this Mac computer! I thought it would help a lot with blogging and making videos. Which it did, but it wasn’t for me. 

It’s been about 3 months since I’ve had the Mac and I finally decided that right now, I need a laptop. I can’t take the desktop to the living room and use it, it’s impossible. The only place I could use it in would be in my office and I only go in there if I’m working from home. Which is why a lot of my blog posts were only posted when I worked from home. After work, I was too tired to go into the office and work on my blog which resulted in barely blogging. 

After a couple weeks of thinking about this, I decided to switch back over to a Macbook Pro. The problem was that I couldn’t keep both, so I had to sell my Mac. I ended up giving it to my sister and the next day I went and got myself the newest Macbook. I thought about just getting the basic version, but the price difference wasn’t that much of a big deal, so I was able to get the one with the touch bar. It’s really nice, the keyboard feels awesome, and it’s super fast. I’ve never felt happier to have my Macbook back. Safe to say, I’m in love with my computer once again! 

The Mac was a great computer, worked nicely with editing videos and stuff like that. There was no issues with it besides only being able to stay in one spot. Which I of course knew before I bought it, but I didn’t know how much I’d need the capability of being able to move around and bring it with me wherever I go. Needless to say, I made a mistake when purchasing it and I’m glad I was able to fix it quickly! Now I’m able to bring my computer with me on future vacations and anywhere I want! It feels nice to take it to the living room when I get tired of sitting in my office. I also started taking it to work and in my free time I write when I can so it’s just really a win-win! 

Maybe in the future when I’m able to afford both and I live in my dream city I could purchase a Mac again if I need to, but for now this Macbook has my heart ❤ 

Has anyone else made a mistake like this? Where you quickly realized you shouldn’t have bought something and kind of regret it? At one point, I just kept it to myself because my husband would’ve said, “I told you so!” Which he did… I should’ve taken his advice 🙂

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera Case + Wallet Album Review ✨

I’ve had my Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera for about a year now and I never got any type of case for it and I haven’t been using it much either. So I decided that with my upcoming trips, I was going to take some pictures using it! I found a cute case and a wallet album on Amazon and I really love them!

Came in this cute little box, originally I wanted white to match my camera, but this is a light gray and I really like it way more than the white!

So this is what it looked like when I took it out of the box, it comes with a strap to carry around your neck… as you can see, the light gray matches my wall color 😂


This is what it looks like with my camera inside, I think it’s adorable. Also, I just found out that it has a little slot where it tells you how much film you have left.. I literally didn’t even notice it before, but this case does leave a little hole so you can see it which is great

This case also includes a little slot inside that could fit a few polaroids you take. The back also detaches as you can see where I circled it on the second picture. This is helpful if you want to take a couple pictures and you don’t have to hold the flap back


This is the wallet album which is super adorable and useful especially if you have nowhere else to put your pictures. I have a couple of them around my house and I didn’t know what to do with them, but now I do!

I really love both of the items and I think they will be useful to me when I travel and even if I am not traveling, it is a good thing to store my photos in and keep my camera in to protect it from getting damaged by anything. Overall, I am very satisfied with these purchases!

Here are the links to the items from Amazon:

Camera Case

Wallet Album