Self Love Challenge Day 8

12:49 PM

I need to slow down and take my time in just everyday activities. I feel like I’m always running out of time to do things and I am always rushed to get somewhere. I live for the days where I can just take my time doing my own thing without rushing. Also, I feel like I have so much to do that I can’t think straight sometimes. I want to wake up, take my time getting ready, do my morning routine, and not be worried about running out of time or being late to something. Especially when this past weekend I’ve been waking up pretty late and I hate it. My days are literally cut in half, today especially because I have so much homework to turn in and notes to catch up on. I’d love to do that thing where you “stop and smell the roses” hahaha. That would be great. 

January 30, 2018

9:23 AM

Good morning!!!!

It’s Tuesday and I was supposed to have class at 1:30, but it got cancelled YESSSSS. So now I am blogging, drinking tea, and eating a piece of toast with Nutella on it. Got a lot of homework to do today so it will be a busy day. The class that got cancelled tho, I’m lost in so I need to go catch up 😦 so much to do so little time.

Hmm, what else? I feel like there’s nothing else to add… guess this will be a short one.

See ya!


January 26, 2018

9:53 AM


It’s Friday!!!!!! As I’m typing the date in the heading I am realizing it’s literally the 26th of January, how is it February in 5 days?!?!!?!!? This month seriously flew by, only been in school for 3-4 weeks (3 weeks regular, 4 weeks grad). But wow…. February! Spring Break will be here before you know it and then graduation!!!!!!

I really want to go somewhere on vacation, honestly idc where as long as I see some mountains because I’ve been really missing them lately. I feel like I just need to get away from everything and everyone and just have some peace and quiet in the mountains. Maybe I will just dip one of these weekends and not say anything to anyone lol.

Have to finish a quiz today for marketing that he just put up today that’s due tomorrow (wtf thanks) and then I have a micro assignment I was handed Wednesday, so I’ll try to finish those two today while watching Netflix 🙂

I need to update my planner for the next week. Speaking of my planner, I bought stickers for it lol I’m so lame, but it helps a lot when things are colorful and also when I can cross stuff that I’ve done off 😀 Best planner I’ve ever bought @ Target, think I’m going to get the same one next year too, but I also saw something where you can design your own. I’m going to need it when I start work!

Tomorrow morning I’m going to register for my bridal shower with Mirhad and then probably work on the house.

Going to blog more later today, see ya!



January 25, 2018

9:43 AM

Good morning & happy Thursday!!!!

It’s almost Friday and that means almost free from this school stuff!!!!! I really want to spend tomorrow laying in bed and finishing up some shows I haven’t watched in a while, but it’s going to be like 56 degrees tomorrow so I want to jog and spend some time outside. Maybe I’ll catch up on shows Friday night or something.. maybe in the morning I’ll wake up at 8 am and just start watching 😂😂 Anyways, I love Tuesdays and Thursdays because I don’t have to rush to get ready for school. I get to wake up around 9, drink coffee, and blog a little bit. I wish this was my full-time job lol.

Anyways, today I have to start my marketing assignment, like it needs to be done by today because I don’t want to work on any homework after today. I also need to buy bonds for investments class, so I need to do some research on which ones to buy bc I have no idea what I’m doing hahaha. I’m trying to think if that’s all the homework I have left…hopefully.

Yesterday my brother got some books he ordered from Chegg and there was a $25 Shutterfly “gift to shop”.


So I took it and went on the website and obviously I expected everything to be super expensive (it was) so I browsed around until I thought of a cool idea. I ended up making both of my parents coffee mugs, so each of their mugs has pictures with us (the kids) and then I wrote “We love you mama!” and “We love you babo!” and it looks adorable. Then apparently I also got a free magnet, so I put a bunch of our family pics on there and I also got a set of 24 address labels, so I added “Mirhad and Melisa” and our new address. Idk what I will use them for, but who cares they’re really cute. All of the items are supposed to be here by February 2-6 I think, so I’m excited to see how they will turn out. Praying the pictures aren’t super blurry bc I want them to drink out of the coffee mugs as soon as they get them 😂

Going to try to attempt my quiz from financial management again, got a 3/10 yesterday and even Mirhad helped me 😂 The way she set it up is that we have to take a quiz before she lectures about the material so obviously we don’t know anything, but the only good thing is that we can take it as many times as we want and take the higher score. So I’m going to try again before I leave for school and see what I get since I have until 1:30 to keep redoing them.

See ya!




Quote of the day 1/10/18

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”

YES! Writing goals down is great, heck I do it all the time, but how will I reach that goal?? BY MAKING A PLAN! The amount of times I have written down short-term and long-term goals with no plan in sight and sometimes those goals don’t even end up happening because there’s no direction of where to start. It’s important to plan how you will reach your goals. Write down steps, brainstorm, bullet points, start somewhere because if your goal is important, you need a way to accomplish that goal. HappyPlanninglogo-e1418915350615


Quote of the day 1/7/18

Life is about balance. Be kind, but don’t let people abuse you. Trust, but don’t be deceived. Be content, but never stop improving yourself.” 

This quote speaks to me. Balance is important in life especially to keep healthy. Too much of any one thing is never a good thing. As always, be nice to others. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Don’t let people walk all over you and don’t let people use you because you’re too nice because when you actually realize that is what happened later on, it doesn’t feel good. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt, trust them until they give you a reason not to trust them. Everyone deserves a chance to show you who they really are and sometimes they need a second chance. And last, but not least, be happy and never stop improving yourself. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT ONE. Everyone at least once in their life stops caring, maybe it’s after high school because you got into the college you wanted and you’re just going with the flow of life, or maybe even after college. But never ever ever everrrrr, stop improving yourself. Whether that be mentally, physically, at work, at home, with relationships, whatever. You should always care about yourself and be happy. Do what makes you happy and be content with your life and your choices. It’s hard not to be lazy, we all go there, but what matters is that you know when to be lazy and when it’s time to roll.

This quote is great, I think I might frame it and put it somewhere in my house 🙂

Quote of the day 12/3/18

“Don’t count the days, make the days count.”

This is a great quote because it’s true. Seriously, don’t count the days, make the days count!! 

I feel like I am always counting down to some specific day… like a vacation or a school break.. something I have planned. But until that special day, I am just basically living life everyday the same, not doing anything besides looking forward to that ‘day’. This year, I’m really going to make the days count. No more sitting around and waiting for something to happen, I am going to get stuff done and make it worthwhile. Here’s to a great 2018