February Reflections 🌹

Good morning guys! 🙂

February has gone by so fast and I can’t believe that tomorrow is March 1st! I thought I’d take some time to reflect back on February and see if I accomplished anything I wanted to accomplish.

February felt like it went by quickly, but in the moment it was passing by so slow! I spent the beginning of the month attempting to get back into a diet of some sort and a workout routine. Well, I can say that I’ve got both of them down. Which is surprising because I feel like I’ve been trying to do that for the past three months. I think my whole mindset changed.. summer is only what, three months away? I need to get in shape and actually follow a healthy diet plan. My husband and I decided to get back on Keto so we could get that boost of weight loss and then after we have gotten to our goal weight, we will switch back to a normal diet. Keto for me is fine for a short-term weight loss option, but I don’t really like doing it for a long period of time. Plus, spring/summer is going to be here soon and I love fruit way too much to miss out on that! We have a nice market close to us here with the freshest of fruits and we always miss out because we’re on a diet. And since we have a trip coming up at the end of May and possibly end of April, I want to look and feel my best! So hopefully by our next trip I will be exactly where I want to be. I just wished I started earlier, but at least I started now!

I didn’t get to blog as much as I did this month, so that will be one of the things I will be focusing on next month. March is slightly busy for a couple days at work because we have some events going on, but aside from that it won’t be too bad. That will give me a lot of time to focus on myself and not be so stressed out. 

Also hoping that March will be much warmer than February. I am SO tired of the cold and have never been more excited for Spring to arrive! This winter feels like the longest one we’ve had in forever and from what I remember, didn’t the ground hog say we’re going to have an early Spring?!?! Warmer weather makes me so much more productive and I’m so ready for those picnics in the park with my husband 🙂

Aside from all of that, I think it was a pretty good month. There were some long weeks, but I had fun. January and February always seem like they pass by the quickest and I always forget about what happened in those two months! It’s like it’s a blur after New Years until summer! Hoping for March to be filled with lots of happiness, fun, smiles, and time outside! 

How do you guys feel like February was?! Did it pass by as quickly as it felt like for me? Do you have any cool plans for March? Let me know in the comments!! 🙂


Side note: Our trip is in 85 days!!!!! It seems so far away, but it’ll be here in no time! I need to make a countdown on here 🙂




Creating a whole new routine for 2019! ⭐️

In 2018, I had a great routine set up and it was working well for me. By the end of 2018, I had NO routine. Maybe it was just because it was the end of the year and things were happening all over the place and maybe it was that I was just over my routine. Not following a routine caused everything else to go out of whack. For example, I lost track of when my bills were due at times and I stopped writing to-do lists during the week. This year, I want to create routines that stay throughout the whole year so things like that never happens and I can be as productive as possible. 

Starting with my morning routine. There was a time last year where I was able to wake up at 5am and get my day started before heading out for work. That lasted a good month and it went into the holidays which is where I think it all went downhill. I quit following my routine and I slept in longer than I should’ve. One of my goals this year is to wake up earlier and accomplish a lot of things before I go to work for 8 hours a day. I think the best way for me to follow this is by waking up at 5am and getting in at least 30 minutes of exercise. Our home gym is almost done so that means I literally will walk out my back door, into the garage, and will be able to work out in the comfort of my own house. No having to drive back and forth anywhere – easy. The hardest part will be getting my body to adjust to waking up so early. That means going to bed earlier which won’t be a problem for me since we get into bed by 9pm every night and even 8:30pm at times. So that’s the first step, which is why this week I’m going to train my body to wake up at 5am and just do things before work so it’ll help when the gym is done and I actually work out.

Aside from waking up early, I want to incorporate those things I want to do before going to work. I want to eat breakfast of course, get my lunch ready, drink coffee/tea with my husband, and blog. Blogging in the morning is the best for me because usually after work I have stuff to do and never have time to blog. On Monday mornings, I like to write out the things I have to do for the week and that way I know I won’t forget to do something. This would make be super productive in the morning and I would feel as if my day wasn’t wasted after working all day. 

Now, my skincare morning routine is something I am changing this year as well. My skin has been looking a lot better and I want to keep it that way. I cleanse my face every morning and put on moisturizer right after. Then comes makeup and whatever else. One of my skincare goals for this year is to go to a professional place to remove my acne scarring. That is the #1 thing that makes me insecure, the fact that it’s just around my cheeks and never goes away. Sometimes even makeup doesn’t fully cover it. Being comfortable in your own skin without makeup is something I’ve always dreamed of. I try to wear makeup only a bit during the week and it’s very hard for me to go to work without it, but it’s good for my skin. I was looking at buying the Clarisonic Mia, has anyone else used/tried this? Does it help and is it worth the price? Was thinking it might help with my completion and glow. It also would be nice to know I took all of the makeup off my face! 

So that’s the plan for my morning routine. My night time routine is a bit different. I’ve been doing a great job of going to bed early, it’s easy because I’m tired by 8pm, but sometimes I lay in bed for an hour or two not being able to fall asleep. So I use that time to browse Pinterest or Reddit. I tried melatonin and it helps a lot, but sometimes I forget to take it and I’m too lazy to get up. I also think my phone is a distraction at times, so putting that away and just clearing my head before sleep would be a better thing to do. I am also trying to limit the amount of time I spend on my phone overall, so this would be a big help. So top things I am adding to my routine: be in bed by 8:30-9pm so I can get 8 hours of sleep, take melatonin if needed and don’t be lazy about it, put away the phone, and make sure the room doesn’t have a lot of light. 

As for my night time routine, I am changing that up as well. 

  • remove any makeup using coconut oil like a cleanser instead of a coconut oil on a makeup remover wipe – the way I used to do it doesn’t work for me
  • after removing makeup with coconut oil, use a wet cloth to wipe down any coconut oil still left on my face 
  • wash face with moisturizing cleanser
  • put a face mask on (2-3x a week depending on how my skin is feeling)
  • add moisturizer and soft lip therapy on lips

My skin is usually very dry in the winter and I haven’t been very good at applying moisturizer before bed. On the days I don’t wear makeup, I’d skip the first two steps. 

2019 is going to be a great year and I plan to do a lot of things. I can’t do those things without a consistent routine, so let’s hope this will keep me going. 

How are your routines and how do you keep yourself motivated to keep them? 

How I spend my “me time” + ideas ✨

Hi all!

“Me time” is super important to me because I think it’s an essential to happiness. Taking time to be alone, give yourself some love, and take that time to rest and rejuvenate. So here’s how I spend that time. 

I usually like to take a Saturday and spend a couple hours for this. The first thing I like to do is either take a bath or a nice shower so my face is fresh for the face mask I am about to apply. After I apply my face mask, I’ll sit down in my quiet space (which I made sure is clean and organized) and pick something to do. Of course, I can’t relax without a candle being lit! 

So by then I have already picked something I want to do, I usually pick something like this:

  • Blog
  • Watch a movie I’ve been meaning to watch
  • Catch up on shows
  • Catch up on my Youtube videos I subscribe to 
  • Drink coffee with my husband (this relaxes me, so if I am feeling like I don’t need to be alone at the moment, he will join)
  • Read a book
  • Read the news
  • Read some interesting Buzzfeed articles
  • Write a to do list and things I need/want

Yes, there’s SO MUCH you can choose to do! Maybe even just lay there and think about your day or meditate, craft, treat yourself at the salon, or go outside and explore some nature. There’s so much to do. I haven’t been able to meditate for some reason, I tried doing it with my husband, but I end up laughing at him lol. I can’t keep it together hahaha. 

I think everyone should have some “me time.” I believe it helps us in these ways:

  • Helps us relax
  • Gives us some time to think deeply 
  • Makes us more productive
  • Gives your brain a break + a reboot

So take some time for yourself and let your mind speak to you!

January 23, 2018

9:30 AM

Good morning!!!!! 

Happy Tuesday y’all, I am determined to make today a very productive day. For some reason, I went to publish this post which I had already written and nothing showed up…. -_- So I guess I get another chance at it hahaahaha. Anyways, I’m just drinking coffee in my room until my mom wakes up so I can go to Target with her to buy this blender because ours sucks. Here’s the one I’ve had my eye on… Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 9.45.24 AM.png

So it’s a good blender and a good price too. The main reason it caught my eye was because it has two different cup sizes which is convenient because then I don’t have to waste sooooo much of a smoothie and it’s easier to wash out!

After I come back from Target I’m either going to go to school and work on homework or work on homework at home and then go to school like 30 minutes before class starts. So this day WILL be productive, just like yesterday was! And I’m going to blog once more today because I really miss it. 

Another thing – I have one episode left of Younger, STILL, and I just don’t want it to end and I don’t want to see Josh get married, but I want Liza to be with her boss, UGH…. so complicated 😦 I guess I’ll finish it later this week when I am chilling after finishing all my assignments 😀 

Will work on the house again this weekend, but my allergies came back and I’m 10000000000000000000% sure that I am allergic to dust lol. House is super dusty right now so it makes sense. My parents also remembered when they were building their house in Bosnia that I had similar things all over my head and right arm, so I guess it is the dust that I am allergic to. Praying my allergy medicine works its magic!!!



January 11, 2018

12:19 PM


It’s Thursday 🙂

Just ate breakfast – omelette with mushrooms, onions, and salsa, pretty delicious. Drinking some coffee currently, I feel like I haven’t had coffee in a while because I’ve drank tea almost every morning of this winter break.

Wanted to go to Marshalls soon to see if they had an aromatherapy diffuser that is good quality and then some essential oils. I really want to get a chamomile one because it would smell amazing, but I looked it up on Amazon and it is a little pricey. Also lavender would be nice. The reason I want to get one is because I found out it has many benefits like helps with dry hair, dry nose, and makes your room smell better. Also if you’re sick, you could do a certain oil and it will help! So I’m going to try it out and see if it works.

I was going to wash my laundry and clean my room today, but looks like I will have to save that for Sunday. Later today I have to go clean something in our house so we can call the inspection people. Can’t wait to be done with that portion so we can start ripping up the floors in the house lol.

So, next Tuesday school officially starts…. I’m kind of sad that my winter break is almost over because I’m not sure if I’m ready to go back into stressing about tests and stuff like that 😦 But the other part of me is kind of excited to be entering my last semester of college!!!! I’m excited to almost be done and although this semester may be kind of harder, I don’t think it’ll be as hard as Fall 2017 was. Hope everything goes well this semester. I also think it’ll be fun because after some of my classes I will go back to Mirhad’s school and spend the day there until he’s done so we can go home 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hmmmmm, what else?? Oh yeah!!!! Mirhad sent me this habits for a productive day video from Youtube and he told me it reminded him of me. So I watched it and IT’S LITERALLY EXACTLY LIKE ME. WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!! Here’s a link to it: Healthy Habits for a productive day Literally though, I am the same exact way as this girl, so I think I have found a new YouTuber to follow, yay!!!!! 🙂



UPDATE: Went to Marshalls to find the diffuser, but they didn’t even have one. So weird because I literally remember seeing like a million for the past two months lol. So I guess I’ll resort to finding one on Amazon. They didn’t even have one aroma oil which was odd too. Oh well, I bet there are better ones online anyways. Besides that, I was able to snatch a pack of little notebooks to put in my purse for things like grocery lists so I don’t have to carry anything bigger and also a notepad for our fridge here at my house so that I can remind my family of stuff that needs to get done because they seem to forget hahahahah.



Sooooo cute 🙂


January 7, 2018

12:31 PM


Happy Sunday, the most relaxing day of the week 🙂

8:31 PM

Weird that I got back on to edit this post exactly 8 hours later… lol.

Anyways, I finally went grocery shopping today so I can officially start eating clean 😀 right now I’m about to play some video games and hopefully write a couple more posts before I go to bed. Going to also watch an episode or two of Younger.

Today it was supposed to be an ice storm, but it ended up being 35-40 degrees with some rain so I guess we’re lucky it didn’t get bad. The East coast has horrible weather – the beaches freezing, floods (also frozen), and lots of snow. Hope the storm passes fast.

This week will be a productive week. I will get lots of stuff done. Tomorrow I will write my goals and to do list for the rest of this week!!

Now I’m going to go relax and play some games. Kind of sucks that I haven’t played much during this break, but that’s ok.

Bye! 🙂