Took a break – why it’s important!

Good morning guys!

It’s been a while and that’s because I decided to just take a mental break from all social media. I think it’s super important to step back and take a couple days to yourself by staying off the internet. There’s so many benefits to this, but I think the best benefit is getting to spend time with whoever you want without worrying about whether you’re missing out on something online. Because in reality, you aren’t. Nothing should be more important than being/living in the moment. 

I went online briefly to make my Women’s Day post, but for the rest of the break I spent a lot of time with my husband. I also caught up on Game of Thrones (I’m late I know) and we went rollerskating a lot! The weather has been good, not consistently, but good enough for us to get outside. We just got our skates recently so we’re still learning, but it feels great to pick up some speed and just exercise. Saturday was one of the best days weather wise. It was about 65 degrees and it rained in the morning, but by 1-2pm it was warm and sunny. Didn’t rain the rest of the day, so we took it to our advantage and went skating for an hour at the park in the afternoon. We went on an actual trail, we’ve been practicing on a parking lot the first couple of times. Saturday felt like spring and I don’t think my soul has been that happy in such a long time. It’s been a LONG winter, guys. 

Another plus to a social media break is that you get a lot more free time. Instead of being on my phone or computer for a couple hours, I was able to do other things like some chores I’m behind on or things I’ve been wanting to do but never have had time for. It also gave me more time to sit down and read. I always choose between browsing through Reddit or reading a book on my Kindle right before I go to bed. I usually end up browsing Reddit and the last couple of days I’ve been reading instead. It’s a good decision to make! 

Anyways, moral of the story is that mental breaks are much needed and everyone should take them as often as they can and as often as they’d like. Everything will be there right when you get back and you won’t miss out on much!

Does anyone else do this? I try to do it every once in a while, but I think I’ll be doing it way more often. 

Happy Tuesday! :)

Good morning!!!!

Woke up at 7 this morning to do something for work (have to put something together every other Tuesday for a meeting the following day) so I’ve been up for about an hour and 30 min. Finished my thing for work about 15 mins ago and made myself a cup of coffee. I’m trying to cut down on sugar from like creamers and stuff like that, so this time I only used real brown sugar, milk, and whipping cream. It actually doesn’t taste bad at all!

So the plan is to work out today, probably around 9ish. Was going to work out yesterday, but I came home and fell asleep lol. But it’s okay, I’ll do it eventually hahaha. Today is a bit colder outside, so I’ll have to bundle up to go out there. 

What else?? I GOT MY SD CARD WITH ALL MY PICS AND FOOTAGE!!!!! WHICH MEANS I’LL 100% BE FINISHING THE BLOG POST TODAY AND STARTING ON MY VIDEO TO UPLOAD TO YOUTUBE!! WOOHOO!!!! I’ve been waiting for it and I made Mirhad go get it last night after class at 10 😂 so I’l be doing that as soon as I’m done with this post. 

This weekend was super busy, we had a surprise baby shower for my sister in laws sister in law hahaha. She was totally surprised and it was so sweet. Can’t wait to meet that little munchkin! After the baby shower, we went to my bff’s parents house and chilled there for a bit. Her mom made delicious food (as always) and we just stayed until like 9ish when Sanela left for the Djani concert. Overall, it was a fun but busy day. Hoping next weekend I can take more time to relax than anything.

This week will probably fly by, so I’ve made a quick to do list and wrote it in my journal. Hope I can cross off A LOT so I don’t have to move it to next week lol. Have been eating healthy and already feel better. I just want my skin to improve, it’s such shit right now. I always forget to do face masks, but it’s my goal to do one weekly. Also need to put a mask on my hair too, as it feels pretty dry sometimes. 

So this is a quick post as I’m eager to start doing the other things, talk to you soon! 🙂

Monday Feb. 19, 2018


I’m back, had a busy weekend, but I am back and ready more than ever to blog!!! Happy Monday, I hope everyone had a great weekend and is looking forward to this new week that is ahead of us!

I’ve started using Spark to make some cool stuff and my featured image is something I created with the help of a cool background on Spark. It looks so pretty!

So this week I have the usual homework from all of my classes, but I think I am going to get a head start on some of my projects that are due in 2ish weeks.. since Spring Break is right around the corner, that means final projects and finals are coming for my online classes! I’m happy it’s almost over, I can’t wait to enjoy the other half of my semester just focusing on two classes, YAY!

I went to class this morning and then I drove Mirhad to school and went to pick up my sister so we could go to Forever 21. They are having a 50% off clearance sale and we grabbed some cute stuff. Think I will make a post later showing what I bought! Wasn’t much, but I know they will have another sale soon like this with all of their winter stuff so I’ll be waiting for that, too.

After I pick up Mirhad from school in a little bit, I am going to work out.. for the first time in like 2 months lol. I hate that I start working out and then I stop for a long time, I need to stop doing that. This time it’s serious, working out EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I’m excited to start though, I need something to wake me up and something to get me tired. Also need to focus on becoming more healthy physically because it’s super important at my age! After that, I am going to maybe work on some homework or I might not do any and save it for tomorrow and instead work on my video for best moments of 2017. I’ll see what I feel like doing!

It’s been raining all day and it sucks, it’s very gloomy. Think it’s going to rain pretty much all week, but at least it’s not super cold.

But yeah, that’s pretty much it forreal… seeee yaaaaaa!

Wednesday Feb. 14, 2018


Happy Wednesday & Happy Valentine’s Day! 

I went to class this morning to take my micro exam and the power at our school went out due to some fire.. it was weird, but they decided to cancel all classes at 11, too bad ours started at 10 so we had to go hahaha. Glad we did tho because now we got the test over with so now I’m free from studying for a while yayyyy. Finally! Now I can focus on some other stuff I have been trying to do.

Right now, I’m at Sanela’s house chilling here, drinking tea while we’re both working. I came over like a little over an hour ago and first thing that happens is, I fall down the stairs. Yup, straight down the stairs hahaha. I guess I need to fall down the stairs once a year or I wouldn’t be me 💁🏽 I’m going to catch up on the self love challenge I didn’t do 😦 and then I am going to work on my marketing stuff. Tomorrow I will do my investments assignments and I will be done for the week!!! 

Going to continue to work on my project and do something for Mirhad! 🙂 

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. See ya!!!! ❤ 

Sunday Feb. 11, 2018


Still super sick, but worked on the house majority of the day today. Now I’m at Mirhad’s college working on some homework while he is doing some work for CTQ and then he’s going to help me with my micro homework. Also Sanela is here and I haven’t seen her in a while so yay! ❤ About to fix up my vision board pics and then print them FINALLY. I’m excited to see how it will look!!!

Need to write what I need to do this week for class and outside of school. Got a micro exam on Wednesday (idk wth I’m doing) and lots of stuff due for online class. Gotta write my to-do list soon, my fav part of the week 🙂

Got some updates on the house!! Our bathroom is completely destroyed, but will be fixed soon 🙂





The office space^^ floor is looking better


We really love this color of flooring


Tried this one in our living room and this is how it looked below


So it won’t be that wall color, but like a navy blue, not bad flooring, but we think we can find better!


We really like these for the kitchen tiles, think it would look cute with the white and navy blue cabinets

So yeah, that’s the update on the house!

See ya

Thursday Feb. 8, 2018


Good morning!

Was having a really nice morning, but that managed to go to shit in about 30 minutes, so that’s nice. Have a lot of stuff to do today and I am freaking out. I don’t even want to talk about my midterm today, one lesson learned: never fall behind on notes and material, always be up-to-date and learn the stuff. Don’t wait like I did. 

Trying to drink more water everyday so my skin can get better. The goal is to drink 1 water bottle every 2-3 hours??? I just researched it and apparently drinking 1 bottle every hour is too much, but what do I know? 🤷🏽‍♀️ 

Went to Walmart yesterday and got a variety of different teas. I got this hibiscus one, some stress-relief tea, and one for your throat (bc my dads sick so I thought this would help + it’s useful to have in the house). Stress-relief one tasted good last night, I feel like I am pretty stressed out right now, it sucks. Drinking the hibiscus one now and this is just like the passion fruit tea from Starbucks. I usually get it iced, but this tastes good hot, too! Eating some strawberries too, they are actually sweet and I’m surprised because I haven’t had sweet ones in forever. A lot of the time over the summer they were sour, but it’s the middle of winter why are they so good?!??!?!?? Shoutout to Sam’s Club 😀 ❤ 

Have to do my investments discussion before I go to class today and when I come back from my exam, I need to do my investments midterm online. Kind of worried about how that one will be, hopefully it’s mostly multiple choice. 

It’s supposed to be 47 degrees today, much warmer than the past week and tomorrow it’s supposed to be 57 degrees!!!!!! Hell yes! Going to go running tomorrow for sure, need some fresh air and warm weather. This type of weather makes me excited about planting flowers and gardening, Spring can’t come fast enough!! 

Colorado mountains in Spring time. ❤ Mountains today because it’s my motivation for the future. I will one day live in close proximity to these beauties. I can and I will. Also the flowers in this picture remind me of when I drove to Colorado over the summer in August with Mirhad and there were daisies all besides the highway all up to Denver 🙂 ❤ Miss it, maybe another trip soon? ❤ ❤ 

Blue Lake at Sunrise

Self Love Challenge Day 11

I would describe myself as shy, but kind. When you first meet me, I’ll 100% be shy, probably too shy to introduce myself correctly. But as time passes, you will find that I am a caring and funny (sometimes) person. I get along with everyone and as long as you respect me, I’ll respect you! 🙂