Day off! 🌿

Good morning!

Happy Labor Day, do I even say that? Don’t know, but I said it anyways! A lot of people are off today and I am one of those people (thankfully). Feels nice to not have to go to work today and to have a shorter week. This week will be a rough one and I will be so happy on Friday when it’s all over lol. At least I get to work from home a lot of the days so that’s nice. 

Have to clean the house today, this weekend has been crazy so everything is a mess, but until then I just want to chill out and relax a bit. We have to go grocery shopping today too.

22 more days until the trip!!! I even made a little widget that has a countdown for me, not that I need another one or anything 😀 I cannot wait to get out of here for a little bit, get away from all work related stress and just enjoy my time where I love to be the most with the person I love the most ❤ Since this is a trip that requires a bit more planning, I need to write a to do list + things I need to buy + things I need to pack. Thinking I may do that today or sometime this week if I have time. 

This weekend was good, went out with my friends Saturday night and it was really fun. The bridal shower + wedding were fun, too. I am just so tired from this weekend lol. I need like a weekend to recover. 

Going to go start writing those lists, see ya! 🙂 


Hello all!

Happy Friday and Happy 3-day weekend for most of us! This 3-day is so much needed so I am super excited to be done with work soon and to start it already! 🙂 Work has been stressful and it got even more stressful today, so I am trying my best to stay calm and collected lol. I really wish I could do blogging/videos for a job, life would be so much better. Writing and creating stuff just lifts my mood and makes me feel great. 

After work today, I have to go look for 2 dresses to wear to 2 events this weekend, a bridal shower and a wedding. I have another wedding to go to next weekend, think I might just wear a jumpsuit to that one (if it fits lol) so we have some shopping to do today.

I think tonight we’ll go out to a fancy dinner. We have been watching Master Chef since yesterday and have not been able to stop watching it, IT’S SO GOOD. Chef Gordan Ramsey is a BEASTTTTT. This show makes us so motivated to make good food so we’re excited to do this during keto and also after!

So Spotify just made this thing that if you have their premium or student account, you get Hulu AND Showtime for free included within the price of Spotify. Which is AWESOME because Hulu is great and we’ve never had Showtime and I know they have a bunch of great content. Binge watching here I come!!!! 🙂 Shoutout to Spotify!

I am going to make another post probably right after this, I didn’t make one when I said I would the other day and I was disappointed in myself. I really want to make a set schedule of when to blog and not just when I am working from home. Maybe every other day or something, it would just be at different hours. But for sure I got something for today 🙂

So my school is like taking away my free subscription for Adobe through them 😦 so I am going to have to find another alternative or see how much it is monthly or yearly because I really like their spark app. I wanted to learn photoshop and to also use their video editing app. We’ll see what happens, but I have until September 7th to keep using it!

Okay, that’s all! Talk to you soon!!! 🙂 

Sunday activities + plans! 🍁


Happy Sunday!!! I just did something that took so much courage, I shared my Dallas video from Youtube on Facebook… took days to convince myself to just do it, but there are so many reasons why I hesitated. They’re really all dumb, I even watched a Youtube video with the title, “PLEASE START A YOUTUBE CHANNEL – YOUR EXCUSES NOT TO ARE STUPID.” I thought about sharing it for like an hour this morning, came across this video which motivated me to share it + motivated me to continue making Youtube videos. Here’s the link to that video:


Anyways, she had some really good points and basically it made me realize that ANY excuse I had for not starting a channel and making videos are STUPID. What am I afraid of?? Nothing anymore! 🙂 

Little bit of a rant, but I’m done now. Woke up a little earlier this morning, had a delicious cup of coffee, and have been doing stuff that revolves around my blog and channel. Later we’re supposed to go eat with Mirhad’s dad and after I think we’re going to meal prep for the week. Mirhad starts school tomorrow (last semester yay!) and I know he’s already dreading it lol. I really wanted to ride bikes today, but it’s blazing hot outside, you can barely breath and we’re under a heat advisory thing until Tuesday. 

Can’t wait to get this week of work over with, 3 day weekend coming up!! Woohoo! Which means 4 day work week 😀 so I am looking forward to that. 

That’s all really for today, see ya! 🙂