Spring bucket list! 🌸

Hi all!

It’s officially the first day of spring!!! Just like for any season, you have to have a bucket list for this season too. Writing this list has made me so excited for spring, so here we go! 

  • Fly a kite
  • Take pictures of the pretty trees + flowers blooming
  • Have a nice picnic around the pretty colors
  • Go on a random road trip or two
  • Visit the farmers market
  • Rollerblade lots and lots in the park
  • Make a bird feeder (we have bird food, just never got around to making them a house)
  • Take our niece and nephew to the park 
  • Plan out April and May in my planner
  • Spend time outside as much as I can, soak up the warm sun
  • Go to the Botanical Gardens
  • Buy fresh flowers
  • Make our front/back yard look nice
  • Look for bunnies
  • Have a BBQ at the park
  • Take lots of photos of my husband and I outside
  • Plan our California trip
  • Plan our 2-3 summer trips
  • Prank my husband for April Fool’s Day
  • Keep the windows open at home as much as we can, let the fresh air flow in
  • Set up our patio table and chairs
  • Read on my Kindle outside
  • Feed ducks
  • Visit 2-3 zoo’s outside of our city
  • Get an Banana split ice cream and eat it with my husband at the park

So far this is my list, I think if I remember anything else I’ll just add it. It’s not a super long list so I think I can accomplish it. You can tell I just want to spend a lot of time outside! 

Have you guys created your spring bucket list yet?? Anything you think I should add to mine? Let me know in the comments!! 🙂

Tuesday March 20, 2018 🌷


TODAY IS THE DAY!!!! ALMOST 2 MORE HOURS TILL I GET MY BRACES OFF!!!! OMG I am so excited, it just hit me!! It just hit me that last night was the last night I would ever have to wear rubber bands. Wow, that makes me so happy, rubber bands were just annoying, they didn’t hurt or anything but it was annoying to keep track of. But wow 2 years later, finally!!! 

Anyways, happy first day of Spring! 🌷 The weather isn’t nice, but maybe sometime this week real Spring weather will show up.

After I get my braces off, I’m going to pick up Mirhad from school and then I am going to go home and do my micro homework that I got assigned before break hahaha. 

This is the shortest post ever, but I will come back and post more I just don’t have a lot of time this morning!

See ya! 🙂