Tuesday May 1, 2018 πŸŒ·

Good morning!

It’s MAY!!! Wow… it’s already May! Time really does fly fast and so does life. 4 years ago I graduated high school and in exactly 12 days, I will be graduating college.. wow. College was annoying, difficult, boring, fun, exciting, and in a way I will miss it. I won’t miss the exams and quizzes, but I will miss going to school with my best friend every day and just messing around and having fun, being careless about our surroundings, and laughing in class when we aren’t supposed to. When I look back on it, there wasn’t a time in class where me and Adisa didn’t mess around or send each other funny things and just start cracking up. Or if we’re both tired we just look at each other dozing off and start cracking up. I think if I didn’t go to school with Adisa, college would have been super boring, but I am SO glad that I had my best friend right by my side. And something I’m looking forward to even more is working with her full-time at our new company. From high school, through college, and now starting our first job together. So glad my best friend is here with me experiencing it all. And of course, my other best friend, my baby, was there through it all. I’m glad he had his own experiences and that he went to the college he wanted to. In the beginning, I was sad that we wouldn’t be going to the same school anymore, but I think it was a good thing for us to go to different colleges. I think it made us miss each other even more (sometimes LOL) and it really made us grow.Β Cheers to new beginnings!Β 

Right now, I am enjoying a cup of coffee and after I am going to make myself breakfast. Then I have class later on and after class me and Adisa will be working on our problem set that’s due Thursday! Our last day of micro and our exam is tomorrow!!! Not really ready for it, but I’ll study some more today.Β 

Also happy May 1st!!! 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

That’s all for now, see ya!

April 29, 2018 – Sunday!


Happy happy Sunday! Wish it could be one of those lazy Sundays, but we have lots of work to do!! Yesterday we bought our bed, two desks, and two chairs for our office. We picked up one table and chair yesterday and the rest we have to pick up today. The desk is so hard to put together, so I am not looking forward to the next one lol. Also, we got a king bed and I’m praying it fits into our room hahaha. Should’ve probably measured it before we picked one 😐 

Currently ATM I am drinking coffee and probably going to watch a show until I’m done with my coffee.. might watchΒ This is UsΒ because it has been a while. So this weekend has been busy overall and we have done a lot in the house. Put in our living room furniture, put up our TV, called for internet (YASS), and put in our carpet. This one guy is going to finish our granite countertop in the kitchen in the next 2 weeks and that’s the final step. What’s left is to basically furnish the house and clean up the outside of it like power washing the siding, cleaning the garage out, and planting flowers. Little things like that which we have been wanting to do for a while now, but since it wasn’t nice outside until this month we had to put it off.

I have a test this Wednesday so I need to start studying for it tomorrow or today if possible and then next Thursday (May 10th), I have my last exam for financial management yessss! I’m so happy and excited to almost be done! Then soon after that, life officially starts (outside of school). Can’t believe that soon I will be living in my own home πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚Β 

Countdown Clock:

  • 13Β days until graduation
  • 17 days until we’re married
  • 25 days until Colorado trip

Ah, I can’t wait, especially for that trip!!! Of course I’m excited for everything else that comes before that, but I haven’t been on a trip since October and I really love heading out for a little bit and getting a change.

But yeah, that’s about it. I have to go work on the house! See ya!Β 

Tuesday April 10, 2018 πŸŒΏ

Good morning!

Happy Tuesday πŸ™‚ I am currently up drinking coffee, blogging, organizing my binder, and writing my final copy for my homework that’s due today. I really can’t wait to be done with this test on Thursday so I can do some other stuff not related to school that needs to be done… which is A LOT of stuff. I still didn’t get my dress for my shower and it’s less than 2 weeks away, I’m freaking out over this test so my stress is out the roof. I just honestly can’t wait for it to be May. At least by then I’ll have only one class (hopefully) to focus on and I won’t have to worry about anything related to my shower because that will be done with, too. I just feel soooooo tired, even though I get enough sleep. Maybe because my brain literally doesn’t sleep at night because of all of this stuff I need to think about.

Just finished writing my final copy for my homework and Adisa and I found #3 so we are done yay! About to go drive Mirhad to school and then come back and get ready for class. It’s not super cold outside today so I don’t have to bundle up (finally) and tomorrow and Thursday will be 70 and 76 degrees omg, but I bet next week it’ll get super cold again knowing STL’s weather 😦

I’ve been tracking what I have been eating since yesterday so I think I might keep track of it on here too and that way I can remember to do it as well. I don’t even have a goal weight at this point, I just want to look and feel healthy.

Just got back from driving Mirhad – well actually I got back like 30 minutes ago, but now I am getting ready for class. Today will probably be a quick class because she is just going to go over the stuff we turn in today and then I can just study right when I get home until I have to go pick up Mirhad. I think we are going to the gym after so I’m excited for that!

But yeah, that’s it for now.. will probably do a post of my food log for today!

Bye πŸ™‚

Sunday April 8, 2018

Happy Sunday Funday!!!!

Had a great night of sleep and woke up in a good mood. This morning I ate the usual – a thin everything bagel with an egg and mayo and then of course an orange afterwards. Now I am drinking coffee ❀ after I am done drinking my coffee, I am going to continue working on my homework and start studying for my test that’s in a couple of days. I need to get this finance math down so I can kill this test.

Yesterday we finished almost everything in the house, Mirhad’s parents will just go finish the rest of the basement today. My dad will look at the basement when he’s back to see if anything else needs to be put over the wall like cement or something and then we focus on the kitchen!

Tomorrow my parents come back, yay!!!!! I’m excited, I can’t wait to see them πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Okay, so I am going to go study and do my homework, see ya!!! πŸ˜€

Wednesday March 28, 2018 πŸŒΏ

Hi there!

It’s been a long day, so I wasn’t able to wake up and blog this morning or even after class. So, recap… woke up super early to go to school before the exam to study with Adisa. Glad we went because that helped a lot! Took the test and then we just chilled for a little bit before she went to work and I went home. Test was only 4 questions and didn’t even have the hard math problem on it that everyone thought it would have, so I’m happy about that. I think I did good, hoping for anything above a 75 at this point lol.

After I came home, I went to return some laminate that was left over from the house with my mom and then headed back to the house to clean the garage. Went home after that and then to Mirhad’s. Chilled there for a little bit and went to Sanela’s. Mirhad, Emma, Sanela, and me went to swim a little bit and chill in the jacuzzi. It was so relaxing and I needed that! Went home, washed my hair, and now I’m sitting here writing.

Tomorrow I have soo much to do before I leave! At 10:30, I have to go finalize stuff for the place for my bridal shower, then go to class, then go to Sanela’s so she can explain something to Adisa for her interview, and then we want to go swimming again. In between all of that, I need to pack for Chicago, wash the clothes I want to bring, and make sure I did everything I wanted to. Good thing we leave noon Friday so then I can just wash my hair in the morning and spend the rest of the night packing tomorrow and doing whatever else I need to. I’m getting tired just reading this, so I think I’m going to go to bed pretty soon.

I want to blog over the weekend, but I might not bring my computer so we’ll see how it plays out. I really just want this weekend to clear my mind and I want it to be a really chill, laid back time. So hopefully that’s what happens!

Good night!! πŸ™‚

Tuesday March 27, 2018

Good morning!!!!

Happy Tuesday, it’s my brothers birthday today!! He’s 20! Crazy how it feels like we were just 8 and 10 years old a couple years ago, but it was way over 10 years ago 😦 Time flies!! So I woke up super tired today, but I am going to go to the gym after class today (maybe) or later tonight. I have to study for a while today for my test that is tomorrow (it sneaked up on me real quick) and whatever else I have on my agenda for today.

It’s raining again today which sucks because it just makes me even more tired than I usually am. Need some sun in my life! Everywhere I go it’s raining 😦

So I just left real quick to drop off Mirhad, class is in one hour exactly so I have some time to finish this quiz, write this last homework problem, and drink some coffee! I kind of have a headache from last night that never went away so hopefully this coffee helps.

We won’t be able to go to LA next week because school is crazy right now and we totally didn’t expect to both have tests within a couple days of us returning so that means it wouldn’t be as fun if we have to worry about and there’s just too much going on right now. So, we will go later, maybe in May or maybe sometime this summer. Yeah, we don’t get to go to the Ellen show, but maybe next time! Chicago will still be fun, at least that’s something to look forward to. AΒ  little break from this place is just what we all need. Just really need to focus on passing these classes right now!

So yeah, that’s it. I may be able to blog again today, maybe not, we’ll see how this day goes.

Bye! πŸ™‚


Wednesday Feb. 14, 2018


Happy Wednesday & Happy Valentine’s Day!Β 

I went to class this morning to take my micro exam and the power at our school went out due to some fire.. it was weird, but they decided to cancel all classes at 11, too bad ours started at 10 so we had to go hahaha. Glad we did tho because now we got the test over with so now I’m free from studying for a while yayyyy. Finally! Now I can focus on some other stuff I have been trying to do.

Right now, I’m at Sanela’s house chilling here, drinking tea while we’re both working. I came over like a little over an hour ago and first thing that happens is, I fall down the stairs. Yup, straight down the stairs hahaha. I guess I need to fall down the stairs once a year or I wouldn’t be meΒ πŸ’πŸ½Β I’m going to catch up on the self love challenge I didn’t do 😦 and then I am going to work on my marketing stuff. Tomorrow I will do my investments assignments and I will be done for the week!!!Β 

Going to continue to work on my project and do something for Mirhad! πŸ™‚Β 

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. See ya!!!! ❀