January 2, 2018

5:21 PM


Today I woke up pretty late again (10 is late for me). Anyways I just hung around at home until 1 and went to hangout with my cousins who moved to Florida who came to visit. It was fun, we went to Starbucks and then to visit my parents who were working on the house. Here’s the pictures of us 🙂 


After that I showed them my house bc they wanted to see it and then I took them back to their friends house where they were staying.

I’ve been at home since, making some chicken pasta for myself. I’m back on Athlean X and I’m ready to kill it the next 3 months! It’s time 🙂

So a little bit of an update… Mirhad texts me while I’m preparing the pasta and he’s like I’m going to come get the wipes to clean the inside of my car. So I’m like sure and as soon as I see that text here he comes walking through the door. He goes into the kitchen and he’s like ‘pasta?!?!’ and I’m like yes do you want some… and of course he says yes. I thought we weren’t going to hang because I had some stuff to do, but this dude comes back over to eat some chicken alfredo pasta hahahaha. I love him, seriously just makes me laugh so much. 🙂

I’m going to work on another blog post while watching some shows!