What I’m packing for my weekend getaway to New Orleans! ✈️

Good morning and happy Monday you guys! 

My trip to New Orleans is 24 days away and you know I always love to plan ahead with everything because it makes me feel more organized. So I thought I’d go ahead and think about what I’m packing for those 3 days especially since we decided to go to the beach! 

I think I’m going to bring 4-5 outfits total to wear out in case I need to change or I’m not feeling it. So for those I will have to go shopping for, but this is how I am imagining it to be. 

  • two dresses (need to buy some pretty ones)
  • pair of jeans
  • leggings
  • 4 pairs of shirts, can be casual or fancy 
  • 4 pairs of shoes
    • converse
    • wedges
    • sandals
    • flip flops for the beach
  • swimsuit (need to buy a new one from Target soon unless my old ones can fit)
  • beach cover-up
  • sunglasses (need to buy a nice pair because I just gave mine to my mom)
  • possibly a cute sun hat
  • my pjs (a shirt and shorts)
  • an outfit to travel in for the car ride

I think that’s about all the clothes/accessories I should be bringing since we will just be gone for 3 days. I always overdo it, but I guess you can never have too many back up clothes right?! 

Some of the other things I’ll probably pack in my purse or book bag is my Kindle for the car ride so I can read my book, my planner (maybe, not sure if I want to carry this around yet), chapstick, wallet, my camera + charger, phone charger, and my camera stick. Want to carry around a light book bag, so I’m either going to use one of my older ones or get myself another one! I have been eyeing this Coach one, but I’m not 100% sure if I want to buy it yet. 

What are some essentials you guys pack on a short trip like this? Should I bring anything else?! Let me know in the comments 🙂


Wednesday May 23, 2018 🌿

Good morning!

I’m fasting today even though I didn’t wake up to eat this morning, but it’s okay. I have a long day ahead of me, so much to do and we leave in 17 hours!!! I need to start packing probably right now, but I haven’t decided whether or not I want to do it before the graduation or after… I guess I can do a little bit before and then a little bit after!


I ended up only packing some of my makeup items, but I’m going to pack clothes and shoes after and that’s pretty much it. Besides the chargers and stuff like that, there’s nothing else really. Only thing would be is to go buy some snacks for the road so we aren’t spending too much money at the gas stations. I still need to download Waze on my phone so I’ll probably go do that right now!

So I was able to put my hair in a bun this morning!!!! Like the fancy bun though, not a random no effort one (I can barely do those lol) but OMG I thought my hair was way too short to be able to do this, but somehow I made it work! YASSSS! Now I can do that to my hair when I have somewhere to go but don’t feel like styling it! So I’m really excited for that hahahaha.

But yeah, I’m gonna go maybe pack some more and find an outfit for today, see ya! 🙂