How I spend my “me time” + ideas ✨

Hi all!

“Me time” is super important to me because I think it’s an essential to happiness. Taking time to be alone, give yourself some love, and take that time to rest and rejuvenate. So here’s how I spend that time. 

I usually like to take a Saturday and spend a couple hours for this. The first thing I like to do is either take a bath or a nice shower so my face is fresh for the face mask I am about to apply. After I apply my face mask, I’ll sit down in my quiet space (which I made sure is clean and organized) and pick something to do. Of course, I can’t relax without a candle being lit! 

So by then I have already picked something I want to do, I usually pick something like this:

  • Blog
  • Watch a movie I’ve been meaning to watch
  • Catch up on shows
  • Catch up on my Youtube videos I subscribe to 
  • Drink coffee with my husband (this relaxes me, so if I am feeling like I don’t need to be alone at the moment, he will join)
  • Read a book
  • Read the news
  • Read some interesting Buzzfeed articles
  • Write a to do list and things I need/want

Yes, there’s SO MUCH you can choose to do! Maybe even just lay there and think about your day or meditate, craft, treat yourself at the salon, or go outside and explore some nature. There’s so much to do. I haven’t been able to meditate for some reason, I tried doing it with my husband, but I end up laughing at him lol. I can’t keep it together hahaha. 

I think everyone should have some “me time.” I believe it helps us in these ways:

  • Helps us relax
  • Gives us some time to think deeply 
  • Makes us more productive
  • Gives your brain a break + a reboot

So take some time for yourself and let your mind speak to you!

Self Love Challenge Day 7

2:46 PM

Oops, forgot to post day 7 from yesterday so I will just start from today! Something I love about my body is my dimples. As a kid, I was always confused as to why I had 2 holes in my cheeks lol but as I grew older I learned to love them. They’ve become one of my favorite things about myself, I mean they don’t do ANYTHING, but it’s a cool feature! Something I love about my personality is the fact that I can get along with pretty much anyone and that I care for people a lot. Yes, I give some people tough love, but it is because I truly care about them. I know I might come off as a bitch or mean, but I do it for a reason lol. But yeah, I can hangout with anyone and start a convo and just talk to them. Yeah I am shy, but after a convo or two I’m good!