February Reflections 🌹

Good morning guys! πŸ™‚

February has gone by so fast and I can’t believe that tomorrow is March 1st! I thought I’d take some time to reflect back on February and see if I accomplished anything I wanted to accomplish.

February felt like it went by quickly, but in the moment it was passing by so slow! I spent the beginning of the month attempting to get back into a diet of some sort and a workout routine. Well, I can say that I’ve got both of them down. Which is surprising because I feel like I’ve been trying to do that for the past three months. I think my whole mindset changed.. summer is only what, three months away? I need to get in shape and actually follow a healthy diet plan. My husband and I decided to get back on Keto so we could get that boost of weight loss and then after we have gotten to our goal weight, we will switch back to a normal diet. Keto for me is fine for a short-term weight loss option, but I don’t really like doing it for a long period of time. Plus, spring/summer is going to be here soon and I love fruit way too much to miss out on that! We have a nice market close to us here with the freshest of fruits and we always miss out because we’re on a diet. And since we have a trip coming up at the end of May and possibly end of April, I want to look and feel my best! So hopefully by our next trip I will be exactly where I want to be. I just wished I started earlier, but at least I started now!

I didn’t get to blog as much as I did this month, so that will be one of the things I will be focusing on next month. March is slightly busy for a couple days at work because we have some events going on, but aside from that it won’t be too bad. That will give me a lot of time to focus on myself and not be so stressed out.Β 

Also hoping that March will be much warmer than February. I am SO tired of the cold and have never been more excited for Spring to arrive! This winter feels like the longest one we’ve had in forever and from what I remember, didn’t the ground hog say we’re going to have an early Spring?!?! Warmer weather makes me so much more productive and I’m so ready for those picnics in the park with my husband πŸ™‚

Aside from all of that, I think it was a pretty good month. There were some long weeks, but I had fun. January and February always seem like they pass by the quickest and I always forget about what happened in those two months! It’s like it’s a blur after New Years until summer!Β Hoping for March to be filled with lots of happiness, fun, smiles, and time outside!Β 

How do you guys feel like February was?! Did it pass by as quickly as it felt like for me? Do you have any cool plans for March? Let me know in the comments!! πŸ™‚


Side note: Our trip is inΒ 85 days!!!!! It seems so far away, but it’ll be here in no time! I need to make a countdown on here πŸ™‚




Planning for my Tennessee trip! πŸŒ²

I love planning for trips, it’s one of my favorite things to do. Even if it’s a short trip, I still like to plan out the stuff I’ll bring and the stuff I don’t want to forget. So even though this trip is only 3 days, I still go all out πŸ™ŒπŸΌ I’m hoping for this weekend trip to be very social media free, I want to just unplug and relax. I think all of us need this so the only time I would be using my phone would be to take pictures and videos, in which I will also be using my camera.

So, the weather is saying there is a chance of snow/rain and I already am thinking about what shoes I’m bringing. Probably my duck boots, since those are great in the snow and rain. And since it’s a short trip, I don’t have to bring too much clothes!

The list of stuff I’m bringing:


Pretty much just comfy clothing like:

  • leggings
  • undershirts
  • hoodies
  • hats
  • gloves
  • scarves
  • fuzzy socks
  • my slippers

What am I packing in my little book bag?

  • my camera
  • camera charger
  • phone charger
  • a good book to read
  • my iPad (only for movies at night if we’re bored or during the car rides)
  • a healthy snack
  • my notebook and a pen
  • my chapstick
  • deodorant
  • a body spray

Something random I might bring along is a couple board games like Sorry and UNO. That might be fun to play with the fam if we get bored (which is probably not going to happen because there will be amazing views and a nice jacuzzi to go along with them).

That’s what I usually carry when I travel anywhere. A smaller book bag is easier for me than carrying a purse. I’m not bringing any makeup for this trip because I feel like it’s pointless since it’s such a short trip and also, I don’t think I’ll need it πŸ™‚

So yeah, that’s pretty much all I’ll be bringing! The car ride is 7 hours long so let’s hope it goes by super fast. It will be a good trip!

Catch up time..

Hi all!

It’s been about 12 days since I last posted and I just needed to write this post to explain why. The week after the holidays when I got back to work was really weird and so was the following week. I couldn’t get into my routine and I couldn’t wake up earlier. I just felt like I wasn’t getting any sleep at all even though I was sleeping 8+ hours a night. Attempted to sit down and post and I just couldn’t. For some reason, I just didn’t feel motivated to do anything and I didn’t feel like myself. It was really weird!

And then last Thursday, I woke up and was getting ready for work when I got a text from my mom saying my grandpa passed away. My grandpa (my dads dad) was 77 years old and has spent the last 2-3 months in the hospital because of a minor surgery. He was about to be allowed to finally go home when he passed from a heart attack. So it’s been a very sad weekend, my parents flew out the same day to make it in time for his funeral since he lived in Bosnia. I was also looking for tickets to go with Mirhad and my parents, but the tickets were so expensive and I would need a whole week off work. So I decided to stay home with my siblings to watch over them and make sure they’re okay. I wish I would have gotten the chance to talk to him one last time before he passed. My biggest regret is not calling him while he was in the hospital, I just thought it was a minor surgery and that he would be home soon and that everything would be okay. That’s what our whole family thought, it was so unexpected. I miss him so much and I wish I could be there for my grandma. I am going to try to make her come to the US to visit us for a bit so she’s not alone. Rest in Peace grandpa, you will be missed. ❀

I took two days off work as soon as I found out he passed away, so I could spend some time with my dad before he went off to Bosnia and so I could grieve. I also took a break from social media to just spend time with family and clear my head a bit. Tomorrow I go back to work and hopefully I can continue on with my blogging schedule I created for this month since it’s been a mess. Hoping to get back into my routine as well and my parents will be coming back this week so I want to also spend some time with them!Β I have some good ideas for posts this week so I’m writing them down so I don’t forget!

So yeah, that is why I have been MIA for the past 2 weeks. Can’t wait to get back into the groove and start feeling like myself again. I’m working on my vision board so I am thinking about sharing that too!

See ya πŸ™‚

Quick update! 🌿

Good morning!!

Writing this quick little update! My flight is around 3 so I don’t have much time for anything, but I thought I’d sit down and write about what’s going on.Β 

So we are leaving for our trip today, we’ll be in Seattle tonight woohoo! Last night I packed for 2 hours (late) and seriously next time I’m packing 5 days in advance because that was stressful lol. Hopefully I packed everything I needed, if not then oh well I’ll buy it over there. Last weekend was crazy busy, we did yard work everyday. I’ll post some picture when I’m back to show how I redid the front flower box in front of our house. It took a lot of work, but it looks much better now. I think I can find a before pic somewhere, too.Β 

I probably won’t blog at all during the next 5-6 days since I don’t think I’ll even have time to sit. I feel like we probably won’t even sleep forreal because there’s so much to do in so little time! So there will deff be a couple blog posts probably about each place we visit so I’m excited for that πŸ™‚ right now I need to go take a quick body shower and get dressed because we leave to go to the airport in like 45 to an hour so I am running low on time.Β 

Went to work this morning and then got back around 11 to work from home. Drinking a cup of coffee right now so I can get some energy because I can never sleep the day before a trip because of excitement. Just like first day of school back then in like middle school, was so excited the night before I couldn’t even sleep! Ah, I just got nostalgic lol. Reminding me of the days where we’d be waiting at the bus stop and it’s a little dewey outside early in the morning. Aw, miss those days!Β 

Okay well really quick update, I’ll post photos maybe on my instagram.Β 

See ya later! πŸ™‚

Saturday April 14, 2018 πŸŒΏ


I made it through that awful week… that test was literal torture. I couldn’t even finish it how I wanted to 😦 Oh well.. we’ll see what I get, I’m really hoping for a good grade because I worked hard to study for it and I really knew my stuff! Anyways, I’m glad that’s over with until the next test. I’m going to still keep working hard in that class and micro as well so I can get good grades!Β 


  • 8 days until BRIDAL SHOWER
  • 28 days until GRADUATION
  • 32 days until WE’RE MARRIED

So yeah… things are approaching quick! I still have to go find a dress by next weekend so hopefully I can find something cute at Windsor, probably my only good bet with finding a really cute dress, but we’ll see.Β 

Today, I’m going to work on the house to finish some stuff up. Sanela will come help too so it’ll be fun. Tonight we’re going to some soccer match with Ermin and Dzenana, I don’t really care for soccer, but it’ll probably be fun.Β 

I might go grocery shopping before we go work on the house with my mom because we were supposed to go yesterday and didn’t have time.Β 

Also, I miss Mirhad, so Mirhad when you see this, I miss you lol. It’s been too long since I saw you yesterdayΒ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Β it’s been like over 24 hours soooo…..Β πŸ˜‚Β see you soon? 😘

Didn’t get to blog a lot this week so my goal is to blog a lot this coming week. After next week I think my last micro test is coming up (April 30th I believe) and then that class is over!!!!! And I’m left with ONE till graduation… of course the hardest one, but I’m thankful it’s only one. May will be one busy busy month. I’m also looking to possibly go on vacation in May for 5-7 days before I start working because there’s a 100% chance I won’t go on vacation this summer and that’s okay so it would be nice to go before!Β 

Just found a post where it talks about 10 things you need to do before your blog turns one and I think I’m going to do some of those for sure, they’re good ideas! So deff will look into that.Β 

But yeah, that’s it for now, see ya! πŸ™‚


Wednesday March 28, 2018 πŸŒΏ

Hi there!

It’s been a long day, so I wasn’t able to wake up and blog this morning or even after class. So, recap… woke up super early to go to school before the exam to study with Adisa. Glad we went because that helped a lot! Took the test and then we just chilled for a little bit before she went to work and I went home. Test was only 4 questions and didn’t even have the hard math problem on it that everyone thought it would have, so I’m happy about that. I think I did good, hoping for anything above a 75 at this point lol.

After I came home, I went to return some laminate that was left over from the house with my mom and then headed back to the house to clean the garage. Went home after that and then to Mirhad’s. Chilled there for a little bit and went to Sanela’s. Mirhad, Emma, Sanela, and me went to swim a little bit and chill in the jacuzzi. It was so relaxing and I needed that! Went home, washed my hair, and now I’m sitting here writing.

Tomorrow I have soo much to do before I leave! At 10:30, I have to go finalize stuff for the place for my bridal shower, then go to class, then go to Sanela’s so she can explain something to Adisa for her interview, and then we want to go swimming again. In between all of that, I need to pack for Chicago, wash the clothes I want to bring, and make sure I did everything I wanted to. Good thing we leave noon Friday so then I can just wash my hair in the morning and spend the rest of the night packing tomorrow and doing whatever else I need to. I’m getting tired just reading this, so I think I’m going to go to bed pretty soon.

I want to blog over the weekend, but I might not bring my computer so we’ll see how it plays out. I really just want this weekend to clear my mind and I want it to be a really chill, laid back time. So hopefully that’s what happens!

Good night!! πŸ™‚

Self Love Challenge Day 15

I’m not really afraid to ask for anything, but I am usually not the one to speak up and ask a question. I don’t like being loud and I don’t like being at the center of attention. So I’m not afraid to ask, I just don’t want that attention on me. I’ll usually wait until after to ask my question. Maybe that is something I need to change about myself.. if I have a question, I should ask it. I shouldn’t be shy about it.Β