My favorite phone apps

So I have had a iPhone for maybe 5 years now (all started with the iPhone 5) so I have had my fair share of good and bad apps. Here’s a list of my favorites as of right now!

  • Flo – this is the best tracker for women when it comes to cycles and stuff like that
  • Duolingo – through this app you can learn a new language at your own pace, it’s very cute and fun
  • Sleep Cycle – great app for tracking your sleep cycle
  • Daylio – just downloaded this the other day and I already like it, this one has you put your mood and what you are doing in as many times as you want a day and over the course of a week or month, you will learn when and what things make you angry, sad, happy, etc.,
  • Headspace – great app for meditiation
  • Calm – another great app for meditation, sleep, etc., this one is my favorite because it gives you lots of options and it has stuff like ‘7 days of sleep’, ‘7 days of happiness’ and they have pictures of nature and its beautiful
  • Groupon – a cool app where you can get discounts/coupons for most activities around you, saves you a lot of money and also motivates you to get out there and do something fun

Those are my top favorite apps right now, I’ll do another one later this year to see if things have changed!