My very first trip without my parents was to Chicago, which is about 4 hours away from us. I went with my boyfriend and best friend who I have known for about 16 years now. This was a Labor Day weekend trip so we were there for about 2-3 days give or take. Going to a new city without my parents and only my boyfriend and friend for the first time was so exciting for me. I remember when we were driving there and getting closer and I could see the city and I started shouting with excitement!

When we finally arrived in downtown Chicago finding our hotel was easy, but finding parking was not. So many parking garages around, yet they were all full or way too expensive. We stayed at a hotel closer to South Loop and a couple blocks away from The Bean, so we were able to get anywhere we wanted just by walking.

The first reaction I had to the city was, “Wow, it’s so much bigger than my city.” Compared to where I lived, this city was huge. The buildings were much taller, there were way more of them, there were so many food places and shopping stores to go to, and it felt like a fun safe environment. And to top it off, they had a BEACH 🌊

We spent the time we were there exploring the city and doing what every other tourist does. We tried the deep dish pizza, visited Millenium Park, and went to the “beach”. The water was freezing cold, but it felt nice on a day where it was around 80-82 degrees with low winds.

For being my first real trip, it was awesome. Chicago has amazing architecture and gives off a nice, welcoming vibe. Great experience.