About me :)

Hi, I’m Melisa. I’m your typical 22 year old college student just getting through life the best I can. I have a boyfriend named Mirhad whom I have been with for almost 7 years. I will talk about him A LOT, fyi. He’s the best person in my life so 🙂 We love to travel as much as we can and take as many pics as we remember to, so watch me as I document my every day life. I decided to start a blog when I realized I just want to share moments of my life, doesn’t have to be with anyone specific. But this gives me something to look back on and enjoy. Writing helps me organize my thoughts and remember certain times and it’s nice. It’s been a month since I’ve had this blog and I hope to keep it for a very long time. Who knows, maybe in the future I’ll purchase my own domain and continue that way 🙂

Thanks for reading 😊😊😊

xoxo, MM ❤