Long weekend + the flu 🤒

Good morning!

Last post I talked about my Thanksgiving and that Friday I took work off. Well, Saturday was a very pretty day with a high of 62 degrees so later that night we went to a bonfire with some friends and it was nice. It wasn’t too cold, but it got chilly by 10pm. By the time we left, I was FREEZING. I just thought that it was just because I was by the fire and half of me was warm and half of me was cold. But as soon as I got into the car, my spine started hurting. It was the weirdest thing! After 15-20 mins, I started getting aches everywhere. When I got home, I was shaking uncontrollably and I felt like it was zero degrees in my house. I had Mirhad wrap me up in 4 blankets and give me Nyquil. That night I ended up having a fever which turned into the flu. I’ve been trying to get rid of it since then and haven’t gone into work with fear of getting everyone around me sick. I would hate that. So I’m not going in until my symptoms are gone.

Besides that darn flu, I haven’t been productive at all and it sucks!!! I’ve been trying to clean up little by little which is working, but I can see how weak I am and it’s weird because I haven’t had the flu since like 5 years ago. That time I didn’t get out of bed for 2 weeks and I feel like that would be the case with this if I didn’t have to work! 

I’m coming up with my 2019 goals list slowly, there are some good stuff on there so far! I have lots of plans for 2019 and I am super excited! I think it’ll be a great year 🙂 Anyone else start coming up with their 2019 goals??

Today we will try to leave the house and go grocery shopping for some items and see if we can pick up something as a gift for my moms bday that’s in 2 days! We also have our nieces bday coming up next week so we need to find her a gift soon too.

But yeah, that’s my quick update.. until next time when I have a quality post and when I’m not sick 🙂

8 thoughts on “Long weekend + the flu 🤒

      1. I have so many great TV Show recommendations that this list of shows would probably be pages long if I’d list all my favorite comedy shows, LoL, so I’ll just list a few good comedies that are worth the watch:

        -If you’re looking for a great comedy from start to end I’d say New Girl is a great one. If it’s not on Netflix than it’s probably on Hulu.

        -The Goldbergs, The Good Place, Superstore – are great comedy shows that are still airing now.

        -GLOW for Netflix.

        -Camping on HBO is a current favorite.

        -My favorite show of the year is Forever on Amazon. It’s more of an existential comedy, but it’s so great!

        Hope that wasn’t too many options for TV Comedy Series, LoL. Hope you find a show that you like out of these options. And feel better soon!

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      2. Omg!!! I started new girl a couple weeks ago and I LOVE IT! I am on season 3 already 🙂 I’ve also watched The Goldbergs and The Good Place, they’re hilarious! I haven’t seen the others though, so I am for sure going to check them out! Thank you!!!! 🙂

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      3. No problem, happy to help =).

        Yeah another New Girl fan! That show will forever be a favorite of mine. So glad you like the show too =)!

        I also forgot Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a great one too. It’s currently on its last season now, but it’s available of Netflix. A good one also.

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