What’s happening?

Hi there!

Good morning and happy Wednesday! I am so glad it’s almost the weekend, I am just very lazy this week and just need for the weekend to be here already lol. We woke up at 6am today, it’s a start! Tomorrow we’re aiming for 5 🙂 Anyways, feels good to wake up early, I got to see the sky change from dark to light, it was so pretty. I guess cool things happen when you wake up earlier!!

Today I will FOR SURE work on my trip blog post, I haven’t even uploaded all of the pictures anywhere except for a few on Insta. I don’t know why I’m being so lazy about it, I’m usually not!

So I have gel nails on and they’re starting to peel from the top so it’s hard for me to turn my fingers through my hair, so I am thinking about just removing them myself. The other night I caught up on Riverdale and omg it’s CRAZY. I have no idea wth happened towards the end of the episode, some weird stuff.

Yesterday our friends from high school got engaged and they asked us to be a part of it with their family and friends. It was super cute and I’m so happy for them, congrats Muhamed and Tamra! 🙂 ❤

For breakfast I decided to make a crustless quiche. I put eggs, onions, cheddar cheese, mushrooms, and a tomato. It smells really good right now, so we’ll see how it turns out!

Update: IT TURNED OUT AMAZINGGGG! The flavor was so good and I think this is a new breakfast favorite because Mirhad loved it too! 😀

So this was a quick post as I don’t have too much time, but it’s fine. Can’t wait to start working on the trip post and the video that I will upload to Youtube! I’m excited, I guess I finally got my motivation back!!!!

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