Monday 😴

Good morning!

Happy Monday!! Let’s make it a great week! I am working from home today because we got in a little late last night driving back from Dallas. Speaking of Dallas…… IT WAS GREAT!! I have some photos we took and I will make a Dallas travel post 🙂 It was mostly just videos from my camera so I actually might make a montage video of it and possibly post it on Youtube (of course if I figure out how to edit it) but I do have some pictures of the city. 

Today I don’t have a huge to do list, but I still have things to do. Here is a little bit of it:

  • Go to a car dealership – look @ cars, we are looking for another car so we have 2 so Mirhad can drive to school next semester. We are thinking about getting something bigger because we have been wanting a bigger car + it will be better for future trips 
  • Unpack my suitcase 
  • Catch up on the newest episode of KUWTK (I feel like I am back in college writing my to do list because I’d write things like “catch up on my show” lol)
  • Blog (doing it now)
  • Clean around the house 
  • Water the plants
  • Read book I bought (about trips) – look for a new book to read
  • Work on video from trip

That’s the list so far… I doubt I will do everything today (I tend to get lazy.. which reminds me I need to get on top of my shit lol)

Talk to you soon! 🙂

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