Morning Post – Thursday

Good morning!!

Happy Thursday.. it’s almost Friday! I had this crazy dream about multi-dimensional stuff, it was ridiculous lol. Woke up a little earlier today and I could hear the birds chirping, it was a sweet moment. I feel like I haven’t heard birds chirp in forever especially because Spring took so long to get here. So that was nice. And then I got up and made some coffee and now I am just relaxing! I started Keto yesterday and I did so good I didn’t even cheat hahaha. Mirhad is starting it with me and we are going to only eat in a 6 hour time span because of intermittent fasting so it’s going to make me lose weight even faster. And then after the 30 days of dieting (after Colorado), I am going to gain muscle in places I want so I am going to eat lots of protein and stuff like that to help muscle gain so I am excited. Besides gaining some muscle, I will also be eating really healthy + exercising so that is a +++++. 

Have class today at 1:30, but me and Adisa are going earlier a little bit to look over our slides and then after class we’re going to do the problem set because our test is in like 2 weeks?? Yesterday we also got our micro study guide and we have to study for that too because our exam is next Wednesday which is also our last day of class woohoo!!! I just hope I can get a decent grade on the exam and end up with a B or something because he hasn’t put in grades all semester so we literally don’t know our grades in the class currently. 

So yeah, school is almost over!! I can’t believe that after 4 years it’s finally almost done! College was a great run, but I think it’s time for me to find myself outside of school and in a new place of work! 😀 

Going to go eat some food then go to school! Bye! 🙂 

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