Goals for May 💫

Wanted to do a post about my goals for May since I have a lot going on next month!

  • Graduate college
  • Get married and have a ceremony at the Mosque that following Saturday
  • Move in on the 16th
  • Have a BBQ with close family and friends at our house for a little marriage celebration on the 19th
  • Go to Mirhad’s college graduation
  • Go to Medina’s kindergarten graduation
  • Go on a trip to Colorado
  • Be on the keto diet until we go to Colorado
  • Lose at least 10 pounds in the month of May
  • Decorate my home
  • Be happy, don’t let little things get in the way of happiness – whatever it is, it’s not worth the stress and in the end it won’t matter
  • Blog A LOT!!!! Blog my whole journey of what’s coming next month
  • Prepare myself for my new job that will be starting in June
  • Create a great office workspace at home
  • Get all of my bills in order
  • Get rid of my kidney stones
  • Eat healthy, cook often (in new home)


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