Thursday April 19, 2018


Happy Thursday! So yesterday was one of the worst days ever.. I went to class and Mirhad told me to come over after school because he’s going to get us some food and we were supposed to chill and watch some movies the whole day. Out of nowhere, my left side starts to hurt so bad, like excruciating pain and I just started bawling and screaming from the pain. So Mirhad took me to the ER and we were there from 1:30 pm until 7 pm. Longest day of my life. Of course, it was my kidney stone trying to come out. First time I had one was a year and a half ago and they showed me that I had one left in each kidney. I didn’t think it would happen this fast, but it was so random too. It sucks because my shower is 3 days away and they said it’ll pass in 3-4 days and if it doesn’t, I’ll have to have surgery. Worst timing ever lol. As of right now, it’s like mild pain, nothing compared to yesterday. But it’s got to come out so the pain is going to get bad sometime soon

Anyways, that’s what happened yesterday. I’m about to go to class soon and then after Adisa is going to come over to try out some makeup looks for my shower and then I’m literally doing nothing the rest of the day lol.

I’m in class and about to finish this post up, while trying to pay attention to what is going on! I feel like this material isn’t going to be too hard, it’s about capital budgeting basically so I feel like it won’t be too difficult (hopefully).

But yeah I’m praying I don’t feel any pain right now during class and any time for the rest of the week lol.

See ya! šŸ™‚

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