Thursday April, 5 2018

Good morning!

Happy Thursday! It’s going to be 60 degrees today. I am in such a good mood this morning, I woke up earlier around 8 am and for some reason my mood is great and I’m happy. So I’m thankful for my good mood this morning 😀 I toasted a bagel thin, these thin bagels I got from Walmart.. this one is an everything bagel and it is so yummy. Then I made an egg and put it in the bagel and there was my delicious breakfast. Of course with oranges and a coffee on the side. Nothing better than coffee in the morning to start your day! 

Today I have class around 1:30 and then I have to wait until Mirhad gets back so we can go to Lowe’s and get the bug bombs and bug spray to put in and around the house today. Since it’s a really nice day, maybe we can clean up around the house. But this warm weather won’t last long 😦

Last night I made dinner and as I was peeling the potatoes, I sliced into my finger. I can’t even type with it right now 😐 but the food was super good! Here’s a pic…


I also made bread for the first time and it actually turned out so good and soft! I’ll probably post a recipe and how I made it. Next time I just won’t add the egg wash. The bread:


It was all super delicious and the potatoes were SO SOFT, my favorite!!!! 

So yeah, since it’s nice outside today hopefully I can spend some time outdoors and get some fresh air. Wish I had a bike to ride hahaha. Stuff I want to do today:

  • Finish quiz that’s due tomorrow
  • Buy flower pot to transfer this flower into so it doesn’t die
  • Buy Keurig holder for my mom
  • Spray house with bug spray and put bug bombs

I think I’m going to go to class tomorrow to get help with the micro homework, but we’ll see!

That’s it for now.. bye! 🙂 

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