Wednesday April 4, 2018 🌿

Hello there!

Happy Wednesday! It’s been a cold day, but the sun has been out so it doesn’t seem as gloomy and cold as it is. This morning I went to class and then went grocery shopping. Got lots of good food and I’m excited to make something for dinner tonight. I might make a recipe and post it on here! Either I make something up of my own or I find something online and try to make it.. we’ll see. When I came back from grocery shopping, I cleaned everything out of my fridge, threw away anything that was old, and organized it. Feels good!!!! It looks nice but I know by tomorrow it won’t look like that hahahah. Then I cleaned the rest of the kitchen, living room, and bathroom. Made some lunch after that and now I’m here!

Going to work on the house around 5 again today and then come back and make dinner. I might look at my homework assignments or I might just leave it for tomorrow, we’ll see. But my new goal is to watch an episode of This is Us everyday, that way I can at least finish that show and start another one. 

Now I am researching how to get rid of spiders in the basement and keep spiders/bugs away from my house. I like the idea of putting mulch around the house, it would make it more appealing too. Here’s some links I found.

I like the idea of mulch and I can also spray the holes and window corners with peppermint oil mixed with water since spiders apparently hate the scent of peppermint?

I think this is also a good idea, it makes the house more appealing plus spiders hate cedar mulch apparently so this may work. 

If anyone knows any other remedies for getting rid of spiders and keeping them away, please let me know! 

See ya! 🙂

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