Friday March 30, 2018


Happy Friday!!!! I wasn’t able to blog yesterday because I had such a busy day, but I’ll make it up by posting about my weekend trip!! So we are on our way to Chicago right now, sitting in the back blogging currently. Feels weird blogging off my phone, but it’ll do.

I’m excited about this trip, I think it’ll be really fun. Can’t wait to eat some good food and just have a relaxing weekend. I didn’t bring my computer so I won’t be able to blog as I go, but like I said, I’ll make it up by blogging when I’m back home.

Driving to Chicago shouldn’t take too long, I wish I was actually driving to Colorado lol. I was just telling Mirhad we should just turn around and drive to Colorado 😂 I wish! I’m kind of hungry right now so hopefully we stop sometime soon.

This will probably be a short post, so if anything else comes up I might just blog off my phone again.

See ya! 😁

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