Monday March 26, 2018 🌼

Hey hey hey!!

Happy Monday everyone! I feel like it’s been the longest day ever. Set an alarm to wake up at 6 am to go to the gym and that didn’t happen… I’ll try again tomorrow. Instead, I went back to sleep until I had to wake up for class and going to class was basically pointless because it wasn’t much help for the study guide. But, it doesn’t matter, still went. After that I came home and ate 3 eggs and then went to go run some errands with Mirhad. Did everything except go move our delivery date of our appliances to a later date because we are not even close to being done with the kitchen. I have soooo much to do before I leave this weekend 😵

So in Chicago it’s going to be rainy and cold, which sucks, but when we went for Vildana’s birthday last summer it was rainy as well and we still had a good time even though it was much warmer. So the rain won’t be stopping us, we’ll still have fun! I need to plan my outfits since it’s going to be more winter type clothing, so I’ll be doing that probably Thursday after my class. I also need to change my windshield wipers before we leave since it’s going to rain and mine are so bad for some reason even though I changed it like 6 months ago I feel like. 🤔

I need to study for my micro test a little bit more the next 2 days and get that over with. I also have to finish the homework that’s due tomorrow & then make sure I’m caught up for next week since I’ll be gone. I wonder if my teacher would give me the problem set earlier?? Hopefully, I can just finish it while I’m gone because when I come back I have a test, ugh I feel like she flies through the material, but seriously we just had a test 2 weeks ago!!!! 😐

Anyways, it’s going to rain for the next 2 weeks and I’m already annoyed. But I guess this seasons saying will be “April showers bring May flowers,” so bring on the flowers!!!

So we came up to Washu and both of us forgot our computer chargers and mine is on 44% and his is on 20% 😦 so I can’t even use my computer for long to continue blogging 😦

But yeah, I’m going to go finish this homework and study!! Bye! 🙂

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