Day Update/Wednesday March 21, 2018 ✨


So I got my braces off, woohoo!! It feels awesome, but my bottom teeth are a little sore so I decided to take off my retainer for today until I go to sleep tonight. Right now I’m attempting to do my micro homework and then I will try to catch up on notes I missed from today and if I’m not able to, I’ll just do it after class tomorrow. 

I have so much to do with school in such little time. Tomorrow me and Adisa have to go buy our cap and gowns after class so finally we can get that over with. I have to start studying for my micro test which is sometime next week and really focus on making sure I understand my financial management class so I do good on the next exam. 

I also need to find outfits and stuff for my trips so I’ll probably do that when I finish that exam and find a white dress after that too. Then I just have some little things to finish before I leave like changing my oil and planning out what we’re gonna do!



So I meant to post this yesterday and never got around to doing it. My teeth were so sore from my retainers this morning, it sucks. But I’m eating the cookies Mirhad got me yesterday 😋 and I’m watching This is Us. I have to go grocery shopping soon and then I’m going to spend the rest of the day catching up on chapter 9. I really need to get motivated to get back into the school mode because I still feel like I am on spring break lol. 

So I went to class this morning, me and Adisa carpooled and got a bagel on the way to school (yum). Then after class we went and got our cap and gowns, so exciting! Now we have to think of ideas to put on our caps, there are some fun ones we found on Pinterest. 

So yeah that’s pretty much it, about to go to Aldi with my mom and buy food and buy some chairs she wants for the living room. 

Seeeee ya! 🙂

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