Monday March 19, 2018


Happy Monday, everyone! Didn’t go to class this morning, so I got to sleep in. I swear this weather is making me so sleepy and my allergies are acting up so bad. After I woke up, I went to Mirhad’s house to figure some stuff out with his sister regarding the bridal shower and we have everything figured out, yay! Came back home and it started raining (hence why I am so sleepy) and cleaned the house. Me and Emma tag teamed it and finished real quick. Now, I’m sitting here in my living room watching an episode of This is Us and drinking coffee. I’m about to make pasta with chicken and veggies.

I need to find a dress for my shower, so I am looking at to see if they have anything good with a nice price. I’m about to post some links of the ones I really like.

So these are the ones I really liked. I need to go in store too because for longer dresses I need to make sure it won’t be dragging on the floor behind me as I walk especially since it’s a white dress and it’ll get dirty quick. I am going to probably go sometime in the next 2 weeks to try on some white ones!

So I just finished making my pasta and it was delicious! Now I am watching Love because Mirhad really likes that show so I’ve decided to watch it, too. I am going to go back and forth with my two shows today and see how many episodes I can watch. Since I didn’t go to class this morning, I can’t really catch up on anything. So until then, I will do nothing and chill lol. 

I really want to buy a jean jacket so I am trying to figure out the best place to buy it from since I know some are bad quality, but expensive. I’m going to shop around online and see what I can find. 

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring!! Hope it brings nice weather 🙂 🙂 🙂 💐

1 more day!!!!!!!!!!

So that’s really all it for now, see ya!

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