Wednesday March 14, 2018

Good morning!!!!!!!

Happy happy Wednesday! I am in a great mood today because I got 10 hours of sleep, had to make up for getting 2 hours of sleep yesterday and I just feel so alive hahaha. I really need to get back into my habit of going to sleep earlier and waking up earlier like I use to earlier this semester 😦 I miss it! It really makes me more productive and every time I wake up super late, I feel like my whole day is gone and I can’t finish everything I want to get done.

Today we are going to the house to work around 3pm and we have our taxes to do at 5 and then I will come back to the house to continue working. This gives me some time until 2:30-3 to work on my best moments of 2017 video, damn I am super late on that lol. But I really want to finish it because I have everything set up, I just need to figure out how to make it and using what.

Have I ever talked about how much I love oranges????? I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Seriously though, ever since I started getting 3-4 at Walmart, they have always been so sweet which is hard to believe because every time before this they were sour. So I think I eat at least one orange a day. I think I want to go to Fresh Thyme and try theirs, heard they were sweet bc every time I go to Mirhad’s house, they always have them and they are sweet.

Change of plans… my mom wants to go to Walmart now, so I guess my video editing will have to wait!

Check in later, bye!

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