House Renovation Update


It’s been a while since I have posted about my house updates and here are some pictures I was able to take today and Saturday!

So, we found a beautiful color for our living room and dining room and we were able to paint that on Saturday and then today we bought a color for the rest of the house (will have pictures of that tomorrow).

Living room and dining room:

We picked a light blue color so we can match some tan furniture with it. It looks even better now than in these pictures because it dried. Will have to upload those, too.

The bigger bathroom:

Our bathroom is almost finished! All we have to do is paint it and add in the mirror, YAY! The other bathroom that is connected to our bedroom is almost done as well, just need to put the sink in. We bought this really cool faucet that turns LED blue when the water is on and I really like it.

Earlier today, we tried to put in 2 vanities that we bought before for the bathroom and it was a disaster. First, it wouldn’t reach the pipes, it was too tall for them so we tried to make it work, but ended up just putting it back. Second, the holes for the faucet part were so far from each other it was like it was for a kitchen faucet. So weird, but I’m glad we went and got this one because it has more storage underneath. The other one had a drawer, but with such little space to put anything.


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