Baked Chicken with vegetables recipe

Made this last week and it is SO good! This can be done with any vegetables you have laying around. I used: red and yellow peppers, onions, mushrooms, and sweet potatoes.

Oven temp: 450 degrees

Cook time for vegetables: 40 min

Cook time for chicken: 40 min

I add the vegetables in before the chicken (like 10 min just bc it took me a little bit to cut it up and prepare it) and then have them in there at the same time baking. You could put them in at the same time, too. I put aluminum foil over my chicken and bake it like that for 40 mins (don’t have a pic of it baking, I forgot :() So using the foil, the chicken turns out super moist and delicious.


Cut up all vegetables how you’d like and add oil over them with whatever spices you prefer


Baking in the oven


The finished product! Delicious 🙂

One of my favorite recipes lately, enjoy!

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