Monday Feb. 26, 2018


Happy Monday! I’ve had a very long weekend. Couldn’t get up for class this morning because I was so tired, so I decided to catch some sleep. Worked on the house literally all day Saturday and Sunday. We ended up finding a leak in two of the rooms, so we had to find a quick solution since it has been raining for the past week. Apparently the siding was done badly, so it leaks in some places so we had to get on the roof (well Mirhad and my dad did, not me lol) and add some stuff in. My mom and I painted the darker walls with primer so it’s easier to paint with the color we want later and then yesterday we painted the ceilings white all over the house. My arms are super sore hahaha. Here’s some updates on the house that I was able to take pics of recently!

Finished all of the tiles in the bathrooms and also right when you walk into the house through the front door. Everything is almost done 🙂

Got a lot of work this week and I am trying to get a head start on some of my final projects for my online classes and the finals, too, so I’m not struggling that last week. I need to also look back on my notes from financial management because my test is on March 8 and I need to get a good grade lol.

Next 2 weeks will be super busy, so hopefully I will be able to squeeze in some blogging!!!

See ya!! 🙂

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