Tuesday Feb. 20, 2018

Good morning!

Have class today and then going to do the homework I didn’t do yesterday. I literally didn’t open my bookbag back up after I got home from school lol. I feel so tired today, I really don’t want to go to class especially because it’s raining and I just don’t feel like dealing with it. It’s also almost 70 degrees outside with rain so it sucks that it can’t even be enjoyable because of the rain. 

Good thing I don’t have too much work this week because since it’s so gloomy I’m too tired to do anything besides lay in bed. I am watching KUWTK’s right now and thinking about my to do list for today. 

Yesterday we ran from Mirhad’s house to our house – let me calculate how far away that actually was hahaha. So it’s 1.9 miles away and we ran 80% of the time. Yay! I’m proud of myself for actually being able to do that because I haven’t ran in so long and honestly I felt good afterwards and I feel good now. Thinking about what workout I will do today and what I’m going to eat before I go to class…  🤔 

Don’t know if I want to continue the self-challenge thing I was doing, I’m really behind so I might just go delete them all or just leave them and just not post anymore… feel like when I have more time I’ll be able to do something like that.

But yea, I think that’s all for now. Byeeeee

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