Wednesday Feb. 14, 2018


Happy Wednesday & Happy Valentine’s Day! 

I went to class this morning to take my micro exam and the power at our school went out due to some fire.. it was weird, but they decided to cancel all classes at 11, too bad ours started at 10 so we had to go hahaha. Glad we did tho because now we got the test over with so now I’m free from studying for a while yayyyy. Finally! Now I can focus on some other stuff I have been trying to do.

Right now, I’m at Sanela’s house chilling here, drinking tea while we’re both working. I came over like a little over an hour ago and first thing that happens is, I fall down the stairs. Yup, straight down the stairs hahaha. I guess I need to fall down the stairs once a year or I wouldn’t be me 💁🏽 I’m going to catch up on the self love challenge I didn’t do 😦 and then I am going to work on my marketing stuff. Tomorrow I will do my investments assignments and I will be done for the week!!! 

Going to continue to work on my project and do something for Mirhad! 🙂 

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. See ya!!!! ❤ 

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