Monday Feb. 12, 2018


Happy Monday! Went to class this morning and had a review for our test on Wednesday.. dude gave us a whole packet to study from 😐 Went to get my emissions test for my car bc it expires in a couple of days so I can register it again and now I’m at home making shrimp pasta. Going to do some homework from my online classes today and probably study a little bit. 

Also need to post my to-do list for this week!!!!! Ordered my valentine’s day gift for Mirhad, can’t wait till he gets it and texts me about it 😂

Oh yeah, this morning I was getting ready for class and about to pick up Mirhad so we can go to school so I texted him that I’ll be there by 9:20 and I get no reply when usually he’s up way earlier. 10 mins later I’m about to leave and I text him again and still no reply. So I decided to just go to class because I didn’t want to be late and then I’d come back and drive him to school. Turns out the diffuser I got for him was next to his bed on this little organizer thing (he needed a little night stand) and he knocked it over I guess over night and this dudes whole phone was soaked in water. So his alarm never went off obviously, but his phone is completely ruined hahahaa, like how random?? So now after he gets out of class today, we’re going to go buy him a new phone.. I guess this was meant to be because he needed a new phone anyways, it’s been overdue hahaha. So that is some shit that went down this morning, did get a good laugh out of it tho. 😂

Speaking of laughing, this morning in micro, our teacher was drawing some graph that he was emphasizing wasn’t ever possible to do (which is what me and Adisa had on our homework lol) so we’re watching him draw it and he’s like “so if quantity is 10, how can there be another quantity??? What would quantity even be?” And I whisper to Adisa, “it can be my guzica.” And we start laughing, and she whispers back to me, “it can be sise”, literally we started laughing so hard our teacher looked at us, but we couldn’t stop. And what was even funnier is that the graph looked like that too hahaha. I thought I would have to leave class bc I couldn’t contain my laughter😂😂😂

Weather should be nicer this week (YAY), so maybe I can spend some time outside?? I’m so excited, it’s been too cold these past couple of weeks, come on Spring, I’m ready for ya!!!

But yeah that’s pretty much my day, till next time! 



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