Sunday Feb. 11, 2018


Still super sick, but worked on the house majority of the day today. Now I’m at Mirhad’s college working on some homework while he is doing some work for CTQ and then he’s going to help me with my micro homework. Also Sanela is here and I haven’t seen her in a while so yay! ❤ About to fix up my vision board pics and then print them FINALLY. I’m excited to see how it will look!!!

Need to write what I need to do this week for class and outside of school. Got a micro exam on Wednesday (idk wth I’m doing) and lots of stuff due for online class. Gotta write my to-do list soon, my fav part of the week 🙂

Got some updates on the house!! Our bathroom is completely destroyed, but will be fixed soon 🙂





The office space^^ floor is looking better


We really love this color of flooring


Tried this one in our living room and this is how it looked below


So it won’t be that wall color, but like a navy blue, not bad flooring, but we think we can find better!


We really like these for the kitchen tiles, think it would look cute with the white and navy blue cabinets

So yeah, that’s the update on the house!

See ya

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