Wednesday Feb. 7, 2018


Good morning!!!!

We are almost to Friday y’all, happy happy Wednesday! Blogging a bit before I get ready for school. Deciding on something quick I want to eat so I’m not late to class, but I just found these “balanced snacks” that I bought at Sam’s like 2 weeks ago and my mom never put them in the fridge so I hope I can still eat them because I just put all of them in there hahaha. Last night we had a dusting of snow, was really hoping we get hit by a snow storm so school is cancelled all week, but no 😦

Today will consist of me studying for my financial management midterm that is tomorrow and working on some online homework/discussions because those need to be done too!

It’s super chilly outside, so I thought the image above^ was perfect.

Gotta go, see ya!



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Just a 23 year old living her life!

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