February 6, 2018

10:04 AM

Good morning!!!!

Happy Tuesday πŸ˜€ I’m in a great mood, got good sleep. Going to get a lot of stuff done today πŸ™‚ about to update my planner with the things I need to do today. I am struggling hard with my financial management material, so I have to go extra hard at trying to learn it so I know it well for the test, ugh 😦

Think I will maybe give out some of the invitations to my bridal shower today or tomorrow, like half and the other half another day. Honestly, I just want to send them out so I don’t have to worry about doing it later, since school piles up on you like no other!!!

Why is coffee sooo good??? It just tastes so amazing and it is such a needed thing in the morning for me, it gives me an extra boost and it tastes good! I put this vanilla creamer with a latte foaming thing – SUPER good.

I really can’t wait until next week is done with so I’m over all of these exams lol. Oh yeah, we booked a hotel for my bachorlette so that’s exciting. I’m excited for that, just going to hangout with my friends and have some fun. Not doing anything crazy, wish spas were cheaper so we could all go hahaha. But at least they have hella good food where we’re going.. lots of good placesΒ πŸ˜‹

I need to find some time in between this studying to write down some wedding venues I’m interested in so we can choose one. I really want to do something different, but I don’t want it to be too expensive since I’m not paying for it our parents are. I’ll see what I can find soon πŸ˜€

Ummm, yeah that’s pretty much it for now. Gotta post my self love challenge later today.

See ya!


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