February 1, 2018 ♥️

9:27 AM

Good morning!!!!!

It’s February ♥️ ♥️ I’m excited that we’re one month closer to graduating and one month closer to moving into our new house!!! On the other hand, it means exams are coming soon lol.. not excited about that. But I guess I can be excited about the fact that we are almost on week 4 in my online classes, so 4 more weeks and I am FREE lol. I will only have 2 classes to worry about 🙌🏼

Drinking coffee currently, thinking about what makeup look I should do today?? Wish I had a good camera to take pics of my makeup but it always looks bad when I try to take a picture of my eyes and stuff. Maybe one day when I have better lighting. Can’t wait till I get to make my own makeup room, it’s going to have super good lights!! 😀 

I have class at 1:30 today and then I have to finish my investments assignment. I might go look for some heels for the concert (maybe). I kind of want closed-toed shoes but I have a lot of pairs so maybe I’ll choose one of those. I need to go to Elma’s to try on some pants to see if any fit me for the concert, too. 

Finished my marketing assignments last night at like 9ish…barely. Lol, took me forever to just sit down and focus on it. I did everything in my power not to hahahah 😂 but I’m glad it’s done and over with! I also need to workout today seriously ****

I’ll post outfit ideas maybe later tonight or tomorrow if I remember. That’s pretty much it, see ya!

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