January 29, 2018

8:24 AM

Good morning!!!

Getting ready for school so I wanted to blog a little before class. I have a lot of stuff to do today, especially a lot of homework. I’m working on it one by one since I want to go to this concert on Friday so I have to get it done by Friday! After Mirhad gets out of class today, we are going to Target to finish our registry. I need to call Lowe’s today to tell them to change our delivery date for our kitchen appliances before they end up coming to Mirhad’s house this week lol.

Next week I already have an exam…… like what???!!! Its only the 3rd week of school, what could we have possibly remembered, especially in financial management. I’m so lost lol. My book should be coming soon from that class, I literally ordered it 2 weeks ago. I need to write all the notes and read the chapters so I know how to do the math 100% right. This is going to be a hard class to pass just because the teacher is tricky 😦

Anyways, back to the cold, it’s like 28 degrees outside when yesterday it was 54, such nice weather 😦 I miss it already. I can’t wait for spring for the warm weather that’t not humid lol.

Gotta go get ready for class now and finish eating my cereal.

See ya!




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