January 26, 2018

9:53 AM


It’s Friday!!!!!! As I’m typing the date in the heading I am realizing it’s literally the 26th of January, how is it February in 5 days?!?!!?!!? This month seriously flew by, only been in school for 3-4 weeks (3 weeks regular, 4 weeks grad). But wow…. February! Spring Break will be here before you know it and then graduation!!!!!!

I really want to go somewhere on vacation, honestly idc where as long as I see some mountains because I’ve been really missing them lately. I feel like I just need to get away from everything and everyone and just have some peace and quiet in the mountains. Maybe I will just dip one of these weekends and not say anything to anyone lol.

Have to finish a quiz today for marketing that he just put up today that’s due tomorrow (wtf thanks) and then I have a micro assignment I was handed Wednesday, so I’ll try to finish those two today while watching Netflix 🙂

I need to update my planner for the next week. Speaking of my planner, I bought stickers for it lol I’m so lame, but it helps a lot when things are colorful and also when I can cross stuff that I’ve done off 😀 Best planner I’ve ever bought @ Target, think I’m going to get the same one next year too, but I also saw something where you can design your own. I’m going to need it when I start work!

Tomorrow morning I’m going to register for my bridal shower with Mirhad and then probably work on the house.

Going to blog more later today, see ya!



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