January 22, 2018

6:35 PM

Hi there!

Wanted to blog earlier today, but I had a fast-paced day. Woke up, didn’t really eat anything. I stepped outside and saw how beautiful the weather was and decided I wanted to make a smoothie – turns out I had none of the ingredients (of course) so I went to Walmart to buy some smoothie essentials + groceries I needed. Also bought the things I needed to make this soup me and Mirhad like! Came back home and decided to go on a run (it’s been so long) and it actually felt great. Then I started making that soup and it turned out really good!!


Next time I make it, I’m going to put less pasta for sure. It was really good tho !!!


Seriously though, 60 degree weather with sun IS AMAZING. I heard that’s how it is majority of the time in Denver, CO.. 😉 but today was such a good day. Nice weather always increases my mood by x100000000 and I will literally do everything I need to without a pause. When it’s cold everything just drags on lol.

Got all my stuff done from my CSIS class and tomorrow I’m going to tackle my marketing assignments and discussions. But yeah that’s pretty much it… bye!

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