January 18, 2018

9:55 AM


Getting ready for school when I decided I felt like blogging…. hopefully I can get ready by 11 lol. I put an orange oil into my diffuser to boost energy and I can honestly say it’s working! How cool!!!

I have class at 1:30 today, but I’m going to drive Mirhad to school at 11 and then head over to my school so I can finish up my homework. Yesterday I got A LOT of homework done, let me pull up my list from yesterday and see what I can cross out..

  • Investments homework assignment + discussion (due Thursday) + replies to discussion – due Saturday
  • Marketing Communications assignment – due Sunday
  • 2 quizzes due Tuesday and Thursday next week for Financial Management
  • Homework assignment due Monday for Intermediate Microeconomics

So my main focus is to finish the homework from my online classes first since that is due the soonest and then I will focus on the others. ****This is a reminder that I need to buy the book for financial management!!!****

So I’m going to go get ready and then blog more probably later on today, I’ll leave this up before posting!

Annnnnnnnd I’m back! Finished all of my classes for today and went with Adisa to try some crepes they had on campus.. honestly wasn’t amazing, but good enough to eat!!


Adisa took a pic of me with her crepe, you know πŸ˜‰

Now I’m at Mirhad’s school and we are going to wait out the traffic so in the mean time I will work on my homework πŸ™‚

Tomorrow is Friday!! No school for me, YAY! But going to spend the day doing homework as usual!

See ya!

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