January 10, 2018

11:50 AM

Good morning!!!

Happy Wednesday!

Today is a good day because for some odd reason (not really, we’re a bipolar city) it is 56 degrees here and tomorrow it will be 61 with some showers… amazing weather for the kind cold weather we’ve had for the last month. But next week seems like it will drop back down 😦 Anyways, we are blessed with some nice weather so might as well take advantage of it and go outside 🙂

Eating breakfast currently – 2 pieces of toast with jam, strawberries and bananas on the side, and a glass of orange juice. Really getting in my vitamins this morning!


Think I’m going to cross some stuff off my to-do list for this week and also do some financial research on moving to Colorado in the future – moving costs, house costs, and how much $ we would need to have to live there and how much we would need to move there. And of course, blog some more!

Before I do any of that, I have to go pay for the water to be turned on in my house, so till then I will watch Younger 🙂

Today will be a good day, see ya later!


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