January 9, 2017

2:06 PM


I spent the night at Mirhads last night and then this morning I had an orthodontist appointment @ 9 am. Was hoping to hear the news that I’d be getting my braces off next month, but they said maybe in March. It makes me so frustrated because I have a lot happening in 2018 and I’d really like to not have braces while they are happening (marriage, wedding, bridal shower, college graduation, etc). So I am praying they come off in March!!!

After my appointment, I came home and ate some oatmeal with bananas with a glass of milk on the side. Then my mom wanted me to go with her to a couple stores to grab some more decorations for the house their selling. We ended up finding two matching carpets in two different stores for the living room and dining room and we also got a couple things to put on the wall. I took pictures of the bathroom stuff I got (I got some cute little white towels to put in the basket above the toilet and then the floor mats) and then the carpets…

Love how the bathroom turned out, my mom and I are beasts at this 🙂 😀

Going to go watch some episodes of Younger and maybe work out later today. Hopefully I can blog some more!

See ya!

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Just a 23 year old living her life!

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